November 23, 2015

Netflix Jessica Jones Episode 4 Recap: AKA 99 Friends

We left Jones in Episode 3 AKA It's Called Whisky eager to learn who the mysterious photographer was that helped Kilgrave. The scary part for Jones? It could be anyone. Absolutely any person in New York could be under Kilgrave's control, following Jones and taking those pictures.


Episode 4: AKA 99 Friends

You take your god damn pain, and you live with it. ~ Jessica Jones

Jones is eager to learn who the mystery photographer is, but her hunt is interrupted when Audrey Eastman arrives at Alias Investigations. She is a client of an attorney at Hogarth's firm and wants to hire Jones to capture her husband's infidelity. Jones seems wary at first and worries Eastman is under the control of Kilgrave. 

Eastman is played by actress Jessica Hecht 
another Breaking Bad alum, alongside Ritter.

Jones fears are set aside when Trish calls and tells Jones that Officer Simpson has shown back up at her apartment. Jones tells Trish to go to the safe room and wait for her arrival. Once Jones arrives, she answers the door and Simpson seems surprised. Jones assures him Trish is alive. Trish appears and shows him the marks on her neck, and Simpson is even more confused. Jones takes him for a walk and Simpson asks Jones if he can help. Meanwhile, Trish decides to go on her radio show and apologize to Kilgrave to help Jones. Back at her apartment, Jones calls Hogarth and asks her if Eastman is truly a client. She decides to follow Eastman to see if she is under Kilgrave's influence. Her search takes her to an abandoned bar where Eastman is doing target practice. Jones decides to take Simpson up on that offer of help, requesting he pull NYPD surveillance footage to find out who has been following her.

Jones has "limited" flying capabilities.

All the while, Hogarth, along with her girlfriend Pam, has run into her soon to be ex Wendy at a restaurant. Apparently, Hogarth proposed to Wendy at this restaurant and Wendy is furious that Hogarth brought Pam there for lunch. Thus, Hogarth decides that her relationship with Jones will be a two way street; she will continue to defend Hope and Jones will "help" her. She wants dirt on Wendy and she needs Jones to interview people who claim to have been mind controlled by Kilgrave. Oh, and a good portion of these individuals are complete wackadoos. This leads Hogarth to call the entire thing a "waste" and wonder what Kilgrave's powers would be like if they could have him on their side. This infuriates Jones.

Ritter showed up to her audition at Marvel Studios wearing a black leather jacket, 
jeans and combat boots.
This caused the execs to question if she decided to dress in costume for the audition
to which Ritter replied, "I always dress like this."

Back at Jones's apartment, Simpson arrives with the surveillance tape. She watches the tape all night and leaves to get a new bottle of whisky. Once outside, a little girl approaches Jones on the street and tells her, "Patsy Walker is safe." Then, she calls Jones a "bitch" for leaving Kilgrave dead.

This young actress just had her Marvel 15 seconds of fame.

And the little girl creepily asks Jones, "It's Friday, don't you have a job to do?" Jones tells the little girl, "I'm sorry this is happening to you." Jones grabs the little girl's arm and she screams, obviously confused. Over at Trish's apartment, Simpson shows up again and leaves Trish a gift - a pistol. 

After meeting the little girl, Jones continues to track Eastman's husband. She finds him about to get into bed with someone; that someone turns out to be Audrey Eastman. Jones is shocked, and then, Eastman calls Jones asking her whereabouts. As Jones attempts to reveal herself to the couple, Eastman shoots Jones. It seems Eastman's mom was killed during the Battle of New York and she is sick and tired of superheroes. She learned about Jones's powers from the seedy strip club owner we met in Episode 1. Eastman explains to Jones that she is in pain, and Jones tells her that she is as well (Jones's parents were killed in an accident, but she does not go around killing "shitty drivers"). Jones tells Eastman she has 99 gifted friends in that borough alone and she is telling them about the Eastmans, so they should "disappear."

I mean, she does have this guy:

And the Avengers, when they are not dropping cities out of the sky.
And soon, Peter Parker. #SpidermanisBACKwithMarvel #hooray

Back at Trish's apartment, Will and Trish talk through the door. She finally lets him inside to chat, but keeps one hand on the pistol the entire time. At the same time, Jones goes to a "Kilgrave Survivor Meeting" to find out where Kilgrave went and who was giving him the photos. One of the men tells Jones that a man wearing a scarf with blue and white stripes gave Kilgrave photos. Jones heads back to her apartment and surveys the footage.

And who is the photographer?


Jones rushes to Malcolm's apartment and finds a picture of a sober, normal, happy looking Malcolm. Pre-Kilgrave.

As always, I am still,


  1. I finks Mum haf lost it....she reads all this out to me and then goes, "oh I do like that camel coloured coat, so smart!"
    *sigh* see what I haf to deal wiv!
    Loves and licky kisses
    Princess Leah xxx

  2. Happy Tuesday! Hope you're having a great week so far! :)

  3. Maddie your mom finds the most interesting programs on Netflix....
    By chance is she watching the new Super Girl program on regular TVeees?
    Hugs madi your bfff

    1. No, my parents watch that tho.
      I just don't find it fits at all in the realm of the comic book world. I really hate how they have Kara playing this dumbed down girl who is swooning over Jimmy Olsen and scared of her boss. Jessica Jones is NOTHING like that and neither are any of the women on Agents of Shield.
      I would suggest Agent Carter for you! She's a PG lady, but she's always kicking butt! Her show will return to ABC this spring (January 6). You will love's all set in the 40s and 50s. Good stuff!

  4. Loved the way Marvel had me wondering about the whole Eastman angle...and then brought it back around to Avenger catastrophe fallout!

    1. YESSSSS!!! You got to wonder how the normal people in New York feel about the Avengers blowing shit up all the time. Lol.

  5. Funny that she said she dresses like that all the time. She didn't on Gilmore Girls! lol.

    1. Haha! Yes she said that's how she dresses I guess hanging out in real life!
      Military Husband watched that show btw....


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