November 23, 2015

Netflix Jessica Jones Episode 3 Recap: AKA It's Called Whisky

When we left Jones in AKA Crush Syndrome, she had just learned of Luke Cage's superpowers. And, apparently, this makes Cage even more attractive to Jones (birds of a feather, eh?) because this episode has lots of Jones-Cage sex, sex and MORE sex. Oddly enough, it all works and does not seem out of place. However, as a heads up, make sure the children are sound asleep before you watch Episode 3.


Episode 3: AKA It's Called Whisky

The way I see it, being a hero just puts a target on your back. ~ Luke Cage

Armed with the knowledge of each other's superpowers, Jones and Cage have fairly graphic sex. One of Jones's upstairs neighbors, Ruben, is watching the whole affair before Jones slams the door. Afterwards, Jones and Cage discuss superherodom. Jones reveals her powers were obtained in an accident; Cage received his as a result of an experiment.

While incarcerated, Cage was a volunteer for a cell regeneration 
experiment that created Super Soldiers (you know, that same stuff Captain America received!).
A prison guard named Rackham amped up the juice to kill Cage, 
which instead gave Cage his superpowers. 

Cage causally asks Jones "aside from the big green dude and his crew" if she knows anyone else like them (love the MCU tie-in; those only watching the movies are really missing out). Jones tells Cage she was a superhero once, but it did not work out and Cage seems to agree that being a hero is not all triumph and glory. The two sleep together again, and once done, Jones stares at the picture of Reva in Cage's bathroom. Cage tells her that she was his wife and died in a bus crash. With that, Jones hurriedly leaves. 

Jones and Cage like each other.
And Jones is keeping a HUGE secret from Cage. 

Jones heads to a liquor store to buy a cheap bottle of whisky and hears a talk show host on the radio trash talking Hope. It seems the city is not that impressed with all these superheroes and villains  running around and causing a ruckus post-Battle of New York and Age of Ultron. This, undoubtedly, is the precursor to Captain America: Civil War and the forthcoming Superhero Registration Act. 

While listening to the radio, Jones Google's Sufentanil, the medical grade anesthesia she will need to stop Kilgrave. The talk show host's banter annoys Jones, and she asks Hogarth to defend Hope publicly to the press. Hogarth refuses without more evidence, and thus, Jones asks Trish, who has her own radio show, to tell her listeners mind control is real. Trish is hesitant, and Jones realizes Trish's home is a virtual fortress - video surveillance cameras, steel enforced doors, bullet proof windows and a home gym for training. Seems Trish is doing everything she can to protect herself from Kilgrave's grip.

Trish is not Hellcat. YET.

Jones leaves Trish to find the Sufentanil. She goes to Wendy, Hogarth's soon to be ex, who declines  Jones's request to help. Then, she looks around the hospital and debates taking people out to steal the Sufentanil. She decides to leave, and finds her friend Malcolm outside being hit by a guy. She quickly defends him. Later on, she receives a call from Trish who has decided to do the promo on Hope by interviewing her remotely. Jessica is not thrilled with the idea. But, she presses on in her quest to find the Sufentanil. She decides Cage might know drug dealers, since he is a bartender. At the bar, Cage cannot provide her the anesthesia, but what he can provide her is, well, more sex.

Which leads to Cage FINALLY saying his most well known comic book quote, "Sweet Christmas!"

I laughed. Well played, Marvel. Well played.

The next day, Trish does the interview with Hope. Hope discusses her time under Kilgrave's control, and how she fought to not kill her parents despite his request. Hogarth breaks up the interview and claims Hope is delusional and had a "psychotic break." However, Trish quickly defends Hope, compares the situation to the Avenger's prior battles (I mean, is this city not used to weird villains popping up everywhere? Why would they not believe Kilgrave's powers existed?) and begins berating Kilgrave. Jones begs Trish to stop, and Kilgrave calls into the radio station himself saying that insulting him would be "wildly dangerous." Jones realizes that Hogarth set the entire radio interview up for Trish to defend Hope and the "crazy notion of mind control."

While Jones and Trish leave the radio station building, a man comes up to Trish out of nowhere. Trish punches him, thinking it is Kilgrave. Instead, it is just a fan of Trish wanting an autograph. You know, a fan of Trish when she was the teenage star, Patsy Walker. 

He even says, "I miss the red hair!"

In the early days (1940s-1967), Patsy's comic was a teen romantic comedy.
In the 70s, she was merged into the Marvel superhero franchise as Hellcat.

Jones heads back to her apartment where she finds her neighbor Ruben carrying Malcolm. Malcolm, who is a heavy drug user, accidentally walked into Ruben's apartment where he and his sister Robyn live. Jones takes Malcolm to the hospital and throws him at a nurse, claiming he lunged for her. This creates a distraction and Jones is able to steal the Sufentanil. As she leaves, she sees a downtrodden Malcolm sadly looking at her.

Meanwhile, Trish receives a knock on the door by a police officer. He identifies himself as Officer Will Simpson, played by actor Will Traval who fans may recognize from ABC's Once Upon A Time.

He claims he is there to investigate Trish's assault on the fan. Trish lets him in, and Simpson immediately attacks Trish. Suddenly, Jones arrives. Realizing Simpson has been sent by Kilgrave to kill Trish, she gives Trish the anesthesia. Jones tells Simpson that Trish is dead, and runs after him dropping Trish's phone in his pocket to track him. She follows him to an apartment where he is meeting Kilgrave. Kilgrave is going on about how he never liked Trish, calling her a "teenager do gooder." Just as she is about to grab Kilgrave, Kilgrave instructs Simpson to jump off the building. Jones saves him, and has a flashback to the night Reva Connors was killed. Kilgrave instructed Jones to "get rid" of Reva Connors. Once she comes to, Jones attempts to chase Kilgrave, and at every corner, someone is in place to attack and attempt to kill Jones. 

She finally wards them all off and ends up in a room full of photographs of:

Herself. But, BUT, who has been taking all these photographs and following her?

Jones catches Simpson who has jumped off the building. She tells him that he is free from Kilgrave's control and can leave. Then, she heads to Cage's bar and tells Cage she cannot see him anymore. Cage thinks it is because he has a dead wife, and tells her, "you do what you need to do."

And with that, Jones leaves to find out who the mystery photographer is helping Kilgrave.

As always, I am still,


  1. I started to watch a lifetime movie this weekend but 2 minutes in I was already over the Lifetime Teens.

    1. HAHAHAHA! Yes, they are rerunning quite a few. Turkey Hollow was Saturday, and I was by no means recapping that nonsense. There is a movie next Saturday night tho, I'll be doing that one next week.

  2. I can see yous luffing this programme…do you snuggle down wiv Maddie and a bowl of popcorn?
    Loves and licky kisses
    Princess Leah xxx

  3. Once again Dad hogged the remote..............stella rose

    1. Ah well dad has been through a lot! Military Husband did the same when he returned from the hospital!

  4. Sweet Christmas yep it is the season to start saying have a Sweet Christmas!
    Thanks for being a friend
    Sweet William The Scot

  5. They didn't have super heroes like THAT when I was your age. Our scene opens. Clark Kent, in bed with Lois Lane. He's wearing pajamas from Sears. She's in a baby doll nighty with fur trim. She looks quite sexually frustrated. He rolls off of her with a look of profound failure. Clark simply utters "Damn you Kryptonite!" End of scene.

    1. LMAO. You aren't that much older than me!
      I remember all that.
      Hey, most of the Marvel superheroes are pretty damn pure. They don't have sex or even curse.
      I find it a little refreshing to see some of the folks in the Marvel world do normal stuff like throw out a curse word or enjoy sex. Hahaha.
      I mean, Captain America is still worried about missing out on a dance with Agent Carter!!!

    2. I think I mentioned my husband is 32. . . I'm 57. I credit sunscreen and fine Single Malt.

    3. Lmao!! We are 40 girl!! I just channel my inner 12 year old all the time.
      I credit Botox. Hehe

  6. Great recap!! Loved this episode! I enjoyed seeing a tad of superhero in Jess as she does her best to NOT hurt (well not too badly) anyone that Kilgrave has been controlling! I'm still loving the series and am actually going to see if I can find the music/soundtrack....Love the music!

    1. Right? It's awesome!! We should check YouTube. Sometimes the real fanatics tape it and upload it. If they do, you can download the song from YouTube. I know how to do it, so just let me know if you find a link and I'll dl it for us both!!

  7. I don't want to read these...! But only because I want to watch... :P

    1. Don't!! I'll have two normal posts up this week. I really didn't expect anyone to comment. These are for my Marvel diehards lol who binge watched like I did.

  8. You know, I was never into comics before my son started liking them and now I love all things Marvel. This one is for sure not for the faint hearted though!!

    1. Hahaha, believe it or not I have been a fan since I was a little girl. My first comic book was Spiderman.

  9. I really need to jump into this show!

  10. I am missing a lot of cool stuff not being a fan of the comics! But thanks for the summaries which help me realize what I've missed! I didn't understand in this episode how she got from the room w the photos to catching the police officer, I guess they skipped that part!

    1. Oh yes, that scene moved fairly quickly (I had to think for a second, lol, been awhile since I watched this). I assume we were supposed to imagine she did that with some of her superpowers (saving Simpson).
      And YES, there is so much in the comics. You have to be a complete nerd to know all these random facts; I include them to let normal people (you know, people who aren't ridiculously over the top geeky like me) see how the comics move parallel to the series. I just love seeing all these comic characters come to life!!! You're going to love the series even more as you slide in to the next few episodes!


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