November 22, 2015

Netflix Jessica Jones Episode 2 Recap: AKA Crush Syndrome

For those of you following along this series, you know that I left you hanging on a massive spoiler at the end of Episode 1: AKA Ladies Night. Now that you have been officially warned, here we go:


Once on the elevator, Jones looks at Hope and realizes something in her face has changed. Hope pulls out a gun and the doors shut, leaving Jones only to hear shots ringing out in the building. Jones races to the first floor and the elevator doors open. Under Kilgrave's influence, Hope has shot both of her parents dead. Jones is in a state of shock and Hope?

She eerily looks over at Jones and says, "Smile."

Episode 2: AKA Crush Syndrome

God didn't do this, the devil did. ~ Jessica Jones

We open Episode 2: AKA Crush Syndrome that same evening with Jones at the police station. She is being questioned about Hope's parents murder by Detective Clemons, played by actor Clarke Peters of The Wire

Detective Clemons also has photographs Jones has taken as a private investigator, including those of Luke Cage. Jones angrily reminds Clemons she has a private investigator's license and leaves the station to head to Cage's bar. Once at the bar, Cage is annoyed that she has pictures of him and his lover, Gina. Jones tells him she was hired by Gina's husband to take those pictures and document her infidelity. Cage does not believe her at first, but Jones tells him Gina takes her ring off before she enters the bar to rendezvous with Cage. Cage is furious and orders Jones out of his bar.

The next day, Jones visits Hope in jail. Hope asks Jones if she was a "good jumper;" you see, Hope excelled in the long jump in college. She tells Jones that Kilgrave told her she was never as good as Jones and she blames Jones for her kidnapping.

Hope, looking like 50 Shades of Shit after Kilgrave's influence.

Immediately, Jones goes to Hogarth and begs her to take Hope's case. Hogarth agrees if Jones can convince her that someone with the power of mind control is truly real (because Hogarth only likes to take "winning" cases). Jones leaves and meets Trish outside. She gives Trish back the money she borrowed and tells her "I'm life threatening Trish, steer clear of me."

Later on, Gina drops in to visit Cage at his bar. Cage tells her that he knows about her husband. Gina tells him that her marriage is over and she does not believe that her husband would hire anyone to investigate her infidelity. Cage reveals that he has seen the pictures that Jones took of them both. Gina leaves the bar ashamed. Meanwhile, Jones flashes back to a year ago and remembers a woman she killed, Reva Connors, while under Kilgrave's control. 

She punched Reva so hard her heart stopped, and then Reva was run over by a bus.

In an "aha" moment, we realize that Reva is the woman Jones saw in the photograph in Cage's bathroom. 

Marvel's Reva Connors.
She was engaged to Luke Cage, but killed by a gangster named Willis Stryker.

Jones decides to pose as a nurse at Metro-General Hospital (you might remember this hospital from Netflix's Daredevil, where Claire works) to find out more information on her and her death. Two ambulances arrived the night of Reva's death, and one of the ambulances turned away. The ambulance that drove off was driven by Jack Denton and Jones is off to find him. Once at the Denton household, Jones finds him hooked to a dialysis machine. Seems Denton had a stroke after donating BOTH kidneys and was found in an alley near dead, most likely donated under the influence of Kilgrave. Denton is miserable, living with his doting religious mother, and he scrawls on a yellow notepad "Kil." Jones thinks he is writing Kilgrave but instead, Denton is writing "Kill Me." Jones refuses and leaves, traumatized by the sight and request of Denton.

Kilgrave is leaving a trail of victims all over New York.

Back at her apartment, Jones is confronted by Gina. She knows that her husband did not hire Jones to take photographs of she and Cage. How? Gina asked her husband, and now he knows all about the affair. Gina says Jones ruined her life and Gina's husband's rugby friends are heading to the bar to beat up Cage. Hearing this, Jones rushes off to Cage's bar. Once she arrives, she helps, but quickly learns that Cage is much like her. He, too, has superhuman strength as exhibited by him throwing men around the bar like paper dolls. Once the men are fought off, he tells Jones to leave.

The next morning, Jones receives a call that identifies the person who leased the Dentons the dialysis machine as Dr. Kurata. Jones finds him teaching at a medical school, and upon seeing Jones, Dr. Kurata runs. Once Jones catches him, Dr. Kurata reveals he performed an operation on Kilgrave the evening he "died," and forged Kilgrave's death certificate. Apparently, Kilgrave lost one of his kidneys, and the other kidney was breaking down, known medically as "Crush Syndrome." Dr. Kurata explained to Kilgrave that he could live with just one kidney, but he insisted on having both, thus enter Jack Denton. Kilgrave also received NO anesthesia when he underwent surgery. Jones realizes Kilgrave's achilles heal: if he is under anesthesia, he cannot use his mind control. She calls Hogarth and has Dr. Kurata explain the story to her so that Hogarth will believe her. Hogarth does and accepts Hope's case.

Carrie-Anne Moss is truly a star in this series. More to follow. #staytuned

Meanwhile, Kilgrave arrives at a couple's home and uses his mind control power to invite himself for dinner. He orders the couple's children to lock themselves in the closet. When one of the children tells him that she has to use the bathroom, Kilgrave tells her to "do it in the closet." #sicko 

Back at Jones's apartment, Cage knocks on the door and tells her that he saw her and she saw him - meaning they both know of each other's "powers." But Cage has something else to show her. He picks up a table saw and puts it to his stomach. His skin is unbreakable, and impervious to both damage and temperature.

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  1. Love, love, loved Epi 2...but due to some "unforseen time constraints" I haven't been able to watch Epi 3 yet...GRRRRRR. I'll be doubling up tomorrow for sure!!

    The whole Reva thing totally went over my head...I will be going back and rewatching this for sure, thanks for bringing it up! Just loved the ending of this episode!!!! Hoping for a "face to face" David Tennant shot soon!!

    Thanks for the great recap!

    1. Ep 3 should be up tonight or tomorrow!! Look for it when you're done!!
      You'll get your Tennant shot soon enough.

  2. Hope, Hope, Hope. Seriously what is wrong with you girl. Have you no shame.

    Trigger Control. Must I show you EVERYTHING :-)

  3. Another series I've never watched, but it sounds interesting. Hope your hubby is finally feeling better and up and around. :)

  4. Okays, Ma doesn't gets the Netflix! I know, I know, butts she streams from Amazon and says she can't plop more green papers down for netflix too! Shame I say...shame. Now I won't gets to see a pawsome show!!! I guess you'll have to be my conduit! hey, you do deliver poppycorn with your synopsis??? I likes poppycorn...☺
    Ruby ♥♥
    pees: slobbery kisses to military Hubby! ☺

    1. Lol!! Girl your mom needs both!! We do both!! Lol!! It keeps my mommy sane. She wants Hulu too and wants to dump the cable. But my daddy likes the sports, you know.
      Sending you hugs!!! Xxoo

  5. We don't get Netfix either, Sometimes being cheap really sucks! LOL!

    1. It's so awesome though! And the price really is not that bad considering all the quality programming you receive!!

  6. Oh dear it sounds like mom subscribed to Netflix so she could watch Season 4 of Longmire...once she saw that she didn't look for any other programs. Sounds exciting
    Hugs madi your bfff

  7. The blonde woman in the screencap with the word "Netflix" at the bottom of it looks familiar. Do you watch all the Hallmark Christmas movies? I'm looking forward to thing about December! I imagine a couple of those woudl be fun to recap! Some are REALLY bad.

    1. Nooooo but my mom does. Ugh! She loves them!!

  8. I need to check this out! Sounds interesting.

  9. This sounds pretty cool. I'm gonna check it out. Have you seen graceland? Seriously I'm obsessed!

  10. I have to check this show out!

    God bless,
    XO, Claire

    1. Thanks for stopping by Claire! Happy Thanksgiving!!

  11. ok I didn't realize that the woman killed by the bus was the same woman in Luke's picture. Interesting!

    1. Yes!!!! Glad you're sticking with the series!! Yay!


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