November 28, 2015

Netflix Jessica Jones Episode 13 Recap: AKA Smile

In a shocking twist during Episode 12, Cage was still under Kilgrave's control and attempted to kill Jones. But, BUT, Jones shot him in the head. Now, his life is in peril as we move into the Season Finale of Jessica Jones, simply titled Smile.

This was my first venture recapping a Netflix series, and I must admit it was both overwhelming and satisfying to recap such a brave project like Jessica Jones. Jessica Jones was completely different than its predecessor Netflix's Daredevil, nothing like ABC's Agent of Shield and leaps and bounds from the Marvel films. I feel like Marvel has finally paved the way for a female superhero to successfully hold the reigns on her own. And, I appreciate that Jones was an ass kicker with real problems who coped by self-medicating (instead of pearl clutching and crying all the time - I am looking at you, Nicholas Sparks). The series was intriguing, well written and a success.

With that being said and this series having drawn to a close, I wanted to let you know that I intend to recap Agent Carter when it returns to ABC on January 5th. Hope all my Marvel friends will join me. For those of you who have yet to see Agent Carter, I highly recommend the series!

Here is a post I wrote about the series and why you should be watching:

10 Reasons Why Every Woman Should Care About Agent Carter

Now, let's press on to our finale.


Episode 13: Smile

They say everyone is born a hero, but if you let it, 
life will push you over the line until you're the villain. ~ Jessica Jones

We open the Season Finale with Jones at Metro-General Hospital waiting for news on Cage. She says:

"Pain is always a surprise, I try to avoid landmines, avoid caring, I can even see it coming. But until it hits you, you have no idea what pain is."

The nurses desperately attempt to run an IV through Cage's arm, but needles cannot penetrate his skin. Jones tells them to try something intravenously, and no one listens. But Claire Temple is helping. You might remember her from Netflix's Daredevil.

Upon seeing Cage, Claire remarks, "oh, he is one of those" insinuating that New York has quite a few of these individuals with special powers. Jones enlists Claire to take Cage out of the hospital and back to Jones's apartment. However, Kilgrave is at the hospital and he plasters Jones's face on every monitor, telling everyone in the hospital Jones has a virus and they must kill her before she poisons everyone. Jones puts on a surgical mask and scrubs and narrowly escapes.

Back at Jones's apartment, Claire drains cerebral spinal fluid from Cage's brain through his eye while Jones assists. Jones tells her that Cage was calling Kilgrave with updates on her whereabouts and she plans to use Cage's phone to locate Kilgrave. Claire offers to call her "super" friend to assist, but Jones tells her no as she does not want anyone else involved. Jones traces the phone calls to a Justin Boden, a hedge fund broker who lives in a swanky apartment. She heads off and asks Claire to stay with Cage.

Meanwhile, Kilgrave has decided he wants to take ALL of the compound that Albert has in his possession. When he regains control over Jones, he plans to make her want him and reject her over and over and OVER until she dies (man, he is one spoiled psychotic brat). He says, "let the experiment begin," takes the entire compound and screams in agony.

At the same time, Trish has picked up Jones. Trish tells Jones that IGH, the private research group that funded Simpson's drug trials, might be connected to how she obtained her superpowers. Jones and Trish decide on a signal so that Trish knows she is not under Kilgrave's control - Jones will text/say, "I love you." Then, Jones heads to the apartment. Inside, she finds one of the hostages dead. Also, Albert is lying on the floor with his arms cut off, and the other hostage, Justin Boden, is running Albert's arms down the disposal saying, "I have to remove dad from the face of the earth." Jones stops him and checks on Albert.

Albert suddenly wakes up and warns Jones that Kilgrave is much stronger now. He tells Jones not to look or listen to Kilgrave. Jones texts Trish to come up to the apartment and "I love you." Jones also knows that Albert used the fetus from Hope's abortion to create the compound. She calls Hogarth, who is complaining that all the partners in her law firm want her out. Jones tells her that she needs to hold on to her job because she will be representing Boden. 

She also calls Hogarth a "sack of oozing shit in an expensive suit."

Which accurately describes most attorneys I know.

Kilgrave left Jones a clue as to where to find him, and Jones heads to the Hudson Ferry Terminal with Trish. Jones (or so we think), wearing a hoodie and headphones, heads inside. It is a standoff between Jones, Kilgrave and an army of cops under Kilgrave's control. 

By the way, the song playing on Jones's headphones is Sleigh Bells - Demons


Surprise! It is not Jones under the hoodie, but Trish (Kilgrave yells, "It's Patsy!"). Jones is, instead, hiding on the balcony. The cops start unloading their guns and Jones FLIES! And Kilgrave, once again, escapes. Jones runs outside and locks the cops in the building. Outside, Kilgrave is standing by a yacht named Goldfish. He tells a crowd of strangers to start killing each other. They all begin to fight and during the confusion, Trish loses her headphones. Jones pushes her way through the crowd and Kilgrave tells her to stop. Jones complies and he thinks she is playing games. He tells Jones she is incapable of loving anyone except for one person:


He grabs Trish and tells her that he will make Trish his slave. And if Jones follows them, he will order Trish to slit her own throat. He tells Trish to kiss him.

Jones does nothing and Kilgrave believes the compound has actually worked. He goes to her and tells her one day she will love him. He tells her to smile, which she does. And he tells her to say "I love you." Jones looks at Trish and says, "I love you."

And then, this happens:

Jones grabs Kilgrave and breaks his neck.

Back at Jones's apartment, Cage wakes up and learns from Claire that Jones has been arrested for killing Kilgrave. At the same time, Hogarth is defending Jones to the District Attorney. She tells the D.A. that Kilgrave forced Jones to break his neck because of his guilt. Over at Trish's apartment, she is receiving more files from her mother on IGH.

Jones, released by the D.A. without any charges, returns home to find Malcolm cleaning her apartment. She pours herself a whiskey and finds her voicemail is full of messages.

All people who want Jones to save them. Thus, a hero is reborn.

Did you watch Jessica Jones on Netflix? What did you think of the series? How do you think her character fits into the MCU? Do you plan to watch Netflix's Luke Cage? Let me know in the comments below!

Marvel is my best friend, and it just does not know it yet,


  1. I need to watch this! I've been so busy lately, gosh....why isn't there anytime for tv! Ha.

    God bless,
    XO, Claire

    1. Haha yes you do!!
      I understand how things get busy tho!! Hugs!! Xxoo

  2. The old gray mare doesn't know much about Marvel Comics...but she enjoyed the 10 reasons to love Agent Carter
    Madi your bfff

  3. Great reviews! Thanks for writing them all. I am about halfway through but am going to be busy for a while so the recaps are saving my sanity!

    1. Oh thank you!! I worked so hard on these, and it means so much someone enjoyed!! :)

  4. Loved seeing Claire in this episode! She was a favorite in Daredevil....wondering if there will be an crossover appearance of Malcolm on Daredevil next season???

    I am so glad I watched this series...loved everything about it (accept only 13 episodes!) and will most definitely watch Luke Cage and any other MC show Netflix throws my way!

    Thanks so much for the great recaps!!! Looking forward to Agent Carter!!

    1. She's going to be on Luke Cage! I saw some set stills yesterday!
      I can't wait for Agent Carter.

  5. I watched this a few days ago but just now read your recap. It really helped summarize all that went on! I will definitely watch Luke Cage - will that be out before season 2 of Jessica Jones? I wonder how that will all work since they are obviously interconnected!

    1. Yes. It should be out in 2016. Not sure when tho! I think Daredevil 2 will air first. Then Luke Cage. And then Iron Fist! They all together make up The Defenders!! Xxoo

  6. I was enjoying your recap until I read the comment about your feelings on attorneys. As a family law attorney who deeply cares about children and her clients, and practices the collaborative approach to law, I really resent what you said about people in my practice. I can only assume that you are limited in your experience and are using stereotypes to capture readers.

    1. Hahaha. I am an attorney (currently retired). And I saw plenty of scumbaggery!
      Thanks for reading anyway though! Remember, #MarvelFandomUnite


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