November 28, 2015

Netflix Jessica Jones Episode 12 Recap: AKA Take A Bloody Number

Episode 11 AKA And I've Got The Blues saw the return of Luke Cage. Of course, this was marred by Cage blowing up his entire bar under Kilgrave's influence. Cage reunites with Jones as we slide into the final episodes of our series.


Episode 12: AKA Take A Bloody Number

I can only fight one big bad at a time. ~ Jessica Jones

As Jones tends to Cage, she asks him Kilgrave's specific orders. Cage tells her that Kilgrave ordered him to blow up his bar with himself inside and make sure Jones saw everything.

Cage tells Jones that he followed her to the restaurant. But when the door opened, only Kilgrave and Albert came outside. Kilgrave asked if Cage was here to kill him, and told him, "take a bloody number." He ordered Cage into his car and asked about his involvement with Jones. Cage told him they were lovers and there was something between them. Kilgrave asked Cage if he screwed up Kilgrave's chances with Jones to which Cage replied, "no, you did that yourself." Cage tells Jones that Kilgrave does not know about his skin. Jones is relieved that Kilgrave thinks Cage is dead. The two return to her apartment.

Jones and Cage are really good together.
And so are Ritter and Colter.

Cage wants to help Jones kill Kilgrave. However, Jones tells Cage they need to wait the full 12 hours to make sure he is no longer under Kilgrave's influence. Cage goes to sleep, and Jones listens to her police scanner.

Meanwhile, Kilgrave is angry with Albert. Like a petulant child, he needs his mind control powers back over Jones and he needs them now. He wants Albert to use his scientific skills to make his powers broader and stronger.

At the hospital, Trish is being released and she calls Jones. She tells Jones that she does not think Simpson is a bad guy; she has done research on Dr. Kozlov. He is employed by a private research company called IGH. But, Jones tells her she only has time for one Marvel supervillian at a time, so see ya in Season 2, Nuke.

When she hangs up the phone, Trish is greeted by her mother. However, Trish orders her to leave. Later on, Dorothy returns to see Trish and gives her some information on IGH. Apparently, the company paid for young Jones's medical bills after her accident.

Back at Jones's apartment, Cage and Jones head to Albert's motel room. They search and find a compound used for genetic brain disorders. Then, they both go to a biochem lab called Zalk Chemicals to find out more. While there, they learn Kilgrave has been by and grabbed plenty of the formula. Cage and Jones stand on a nearby roof and Cage decides to forgive Jones for Reva's death. He tells her, "I forgive you for everything and I'll say it every day for as long as you need to hear it."

As an aside, Mike Colter has a soothing, calm voice. No wonder he has done voice work for video games.

The two fall asleep on the roof, and upon awakening, see a man who goes into and then leaves the lab. Jones follows him through Central Park. Suddenly, he grabs a pair of gardening sheers and stabs himself through the mouth. Jones and Cage leave and head back to Jones's apartment. Jones tells Cage that Kilgrave needs the chemicals so he can control anyone he wants through buildings, walls and even through the radio. 

When they arrive at the apartment, Trish is waiting. She wants to show her the paperwork from IGH, but Cage is there with Jones. Trish notices the chemistry between the two and tells Jones when everything is over, she should allow herself some happiness (with Cage).

Jones heads inside her apartment and needs a drink. Cage offers her a bottle of something called Wild Foul Whisky (definitely a Marvel brand). And Jones gives Cage the flash drive - the one Reva told Cage to find. In the meantime, Malcolm has decided to leave. As he heads out, he hears Robyn arguing with a delivery woman. She thinks Kilgrave has control over the woman, but instead, the delivery is a charger that Ruben ordered before he died. Malcolm calms Robyn and later takes her to the place where Ruben is buried.

Robyn's character was a bit over the top and silly for my taste.
But both Military Husband and I enjoyed the character of Malcolm.

All the while Kilgrave has been forcing Albert to work on the formula to make him a stronger, bigger Marvel baddie. And Cage tells Jones that if it were him, he would want to run a test on a formula he was making to see if it worked. Jones finds a video on Delaney Hall on the internet and people are saying a British man showed up, walked on stage and told everyone to be quiet - and they did. Jones and Cage head to Delaney Hall and it is closed. They find the manager and ask to see the video footage from the night, but the footage has been erased. 

And then, Kilgrave arrives. Jones tells Cage and the owner to leave.

Kilgrave has a surprise for Jones, though. Cage is STILL under Kilgrave's control and has been the entire time! Kilgrave even wrote the apology for Cage to tell Jones. He tells Cage to kill Jones and escapes.

After a chase and struggle, Jones shoots Cage in the head.

As always, I am still,


  1. Wild Foul Whiskey: Hmmm. I think I need to do a proper whiskey connoisseurs review of that.

    Nose - It's a breakfast of Wheaties on the brand new deck overlooking green grass. The wood still looks wet in that one spot. Oh *#(@ it is! I've got oil on me now. Sniff. Wait, is that glue?? I hope not, the party starts soon.

    Palate - The smell from the morning deck has faded, darkness falls, someone just lit the citronella candles. You're pretty content though, when you first think about it, cozied up next to the medium bodied honey blond that you just met. So many tastes and scents wafting up around you, the tarp of a bass boat, the smoke from the neighbor's burning yard clippings, you take it all in as you watch the fire die and munch on overly salted beer nuts. Somewhere in the distance is the barest of florals. A familiar scent, soft, yet now cloying. Did you invite your girlfriend to this shindig?

    There is a bitterness, suddenly, at the back of your throat.

    Finish - It lingers like a bad memory, the bit of lemon from the iced tea your girlfriend flung in your face as she stomped off, the sweet honeyed blond in her wake, gone before you barely knew her. You are left with sullen barbecue ash and bitter regret.

    With water - Slightly improved, but that faint shower curtain smell that lingers only reminds you that you're still showering alone.

    1. Yep I don't drink whiskey! Vodka only here!

  2. Another great episode!! I am with you about Robyn....not sure why she is still around except for giving Malcolm a reason to question humanity.

    I totally didn't see Luke being controlled by Kilgrave for as long as he was...and the ending had me crying....until I looked at the coming attractions for the next episode ;-).

    On a side note....just got and started Vol1 of JJ Alias Graphic novel.....YAY!!

  3. I was very surprised about Luke and upset that he couldn't stop himself from trying to kill Jessica! I know it will all work out because I read the wiki page on Jessica Jones and I know she marries Luke!

    1. Yes!! They get married and have a baby!!


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