November 27, 2015

Netflix Jessica Jones Episode 11 Recap: AKA And I've Got The Blues

Episode 10 AKA 1,000 Cuts left Kilgrave, yet again, on the run and Hope dead. Hope's death was shocking, but in all actuality, was there really anything left for her? She told Jones on the phone that without her parents, she had nothing. The rest of her family all blamed her for their death. With that being said, Jones's only choice is to kill Kilgrave for Hope and for any of his future victims.


Episode 11: AKA And I've Got The Blues

What doesn't kill us makes us stranger. ~ Jessica Jones

We open this episode in a flashback. Apparently, Trish's mom Dorothy took Jones in as an orphan to help Patsy's "image" as a teen star. By the way, the young actress playing teenage Jones is Elizabeth Cappuccino. You can follow her on Twitter here: Elizabeth Cappuccino's Twitter (maybe tweet her about my blog posts?). 

I think she did a fantastic job as a newcomer. It must be exciting to start your film career at Marvel Studios.

Back in the present, Jones tells the survivors and Malcolm to lie to the police about the incident. They are reluctant at first, but when the police arrive they all decide to stick to the same story. Meanwhile, Trish picks up Jones and they head to the Riverbank Morgue to check out a John Doe who might be Albert. However, the John Doe is not Albert, and Jones grabs a cab to search other hospitals. While looking, she thinks she has spotted Kilgrave on the street and is accidentally hit by a truck.

Been missing Simpson? Yep, me neither. But he shows up at Trish Talk and somewhat apologizes to Trish for his behavior. Trish tells him that he is violent and scary (oh, and SO much more, Trish). Then, Simpson starts asking about Jones's whereabouts. While they are talking, Jones calls and tells Trish about her injuries. Trish leaves the studio and heads to Jones's apartment to assist. Then, Jones has another flashback. She remembers herself as a teenager in the bathroom hearing young "Patsy"/Trish arguing with her mother. As the argument intensifies, Jones hits the kitchen sink and breaks it completely off. Then, she lifts it in the air over her head. This is the first time she realizes she has "powers."

Young "Patsy"/Trish walks in with bruises on her. Apparently, Dorothy hit young "Patsy"/Trish with her Teen Choice Award. Upon seeing Jones lifting the sink, she calls Jones a "freak." 

Jones swears that if young "Patsy"/Trish ever tells anyone about her powers, she will tell everyone that young "Patsy"/Trish is a victim of child abuse. She even says, "they might make a Lifetime movie about it." 

Back in the present, Jones receives a text there is a new John Doe at the morgue. She breaks into the morgue and finds the John Doe is Clemons. His body is badly burned and Jones thinks Kilgrave is responsible. She calls Trish and tells her to meet at the apartment. But, BUT, Simpson is outside Trish's apartment waiting for her.

He begins by telling Trish he does not want to lose her. Then, he starts questioning Trish about Jones again. Suddenly, two goons show up to bring Simpson back to Kozlov. Simpson takes his red pills and shoots the men dead. Jones calls Trish and Simpson answers and lies to Jones that Trish is on her way AND he has a lead on Kilgrave. He locks Trish in the apartment and heads off to find Jones.

Back at her apartment, Jones finds the survivors waiting for more information on Kilgrave. Simpson arrives and Jones catches him in a lie. She sees the burn on his arm (which Simpson comments, "I didn't even feel that.") and knows he was the one who killed Clemons. They fight, and Trish arrives to help.

Trish knocks Simpson out and they lock themselves in Jones's bathroom. When Simpson is still trying to attack them, Trish takes one of his red pills. Simpson warns her not to take the pill because she needs a blue pill to remind her to breath. But, she does it anyway and becomes invigorated. She attacks Simpson and Jones pulls a refrigerator over his head (Kozlov picks him up later and takes him away). However, Trish is stopped when she can no longer breathe. Jones calls an ambulance and Trish is revived by EMS on the way to the hospital.

By the way, I loved the fight scene with Simpson, Jones and Trish ("Hellcat"). It was fantastic and the ladies really kicked ass! As an aside, Trish has the word "Hellcat" tattooed on her wrist. You can see it if you look closely enough. Once again, Marvel is really paying attention to details in this series.

While Jones and Trish are in the hospital, Jones receives a text from Kilgrave: "I ran into your boyfriend. If you hurry, you can say goodbye." Jones runs out and heads to Cage's bar. She sees Cage through the window.

BOOM! The entire bar explodes.

But Cage's skin is impenetrable. He survives and Jones runs to his side.

As always, I am still,


  1. We are shaking inourbooties here! Episode 12 sounds messy. Mol
    Madi your bffff

  2. This was the hardest of all to "stop after this episode" because..CAGE! But I was a good girl (who is trying to get holiday stuffles done) and stopped.

    I loved this episode for it's history. Having not read any JJ graphic novel material, I didn't know the details about how she and Trish became so sister-ish, so it was great seeing it. Of course I was like, NO WAY can that be Rebecca DeMornay, because NO WAY could she be that old...Yeah....after looking in the mirror, I took solice in the fact at least she is older than I am LOL.

    Can't wait for 12!

    1. In the comics, it was actually Captain Marvel (the girl) who was Jones's best friend. But Marvel didn't want to put her in the series because she's getting her own movie! Xxoo


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