November 27, 2015

Netflix Jessica Jones Episode 10 Recap: AKA 1,000 Cuts

As Episode 9: AKA Sin Bin came to a close, Kilgrave was on the run and Jones learned she is immune to his mind control. At this point, I have no doubt in my mind that Hogarth helped Kilgrave escape. Between her evilness and Nuke running about, the action is heating up with only four episodes left in the series.


Episode 10: AKA 1,000 Cuts

Abandon all Hope, ye who enter here. ~ Kilgrave

Kilgrave and Hogarth have left the safe house together. Kilgrave demands she take him to a doctor. And Hogarth tells Kilgrave that she did not know he would kill his mother when she agreed to help him. Meanwhile, Jones stops Trish from trying to put a bullet in her head by sticking it in her mouth. Jones then tapes Albert's hands behind his back to stop him from cutting his own heart out. Clemons returns and says that Hogarth must have cut the fail safe wire to the conductors #nokidding. Now that Jones knows Kilgrave can no longer control her, she needs a new plan. Albert tells her that the mind control abilities are a virus and by using Jones's blood, there just might be a cure.

In the meantime, Hogarth has taken Kilgrave to Wendy's home. Wendy stitches Kilgrave and the two commiserate about unrequited love. Kilgrave asks Wendy if she has ever thought about revenge and Wendy responds, "how you do avenge death by 1,000 cuts?" Kilgrave then asks Hogarth about Jones's end game. Hogarth replies that Jones wants Kilgrave to pay for what he has done. She admits stoically that Hope was pregnant with his baby and she helped her abort the child. And in a cold, dead stare, Hogarth says that she took the fetus and sent it a lab to see if Kilgrave's powers could be replicated. 

Really Hogarth? REALLY? #despicable

Hogarth's phone rings and it is Jones, who lies to Hogarth about Albert's whereabouts. The doorbell rings and Kilgrave tells Wendy, "you want death by 1,000 cuts, do it." Wendy begins to slash Hogarth 1,000 times. Back at the safe house, Simpson arrives and finds Clemons collecting evidence. Simpson wants Kilgrave dead and, at gunpoint, demands information about Trish's whereabouts from Clemons.

Clemons tells him that Albert and Trish left to try and stop Kilgrave. Upon hearing this, Simpson first apologizes for his behavior. And suddenly, with no remorse or recoil, shoots Clemons in the head. Then, he pours gasoline on Clemons, sets him on fire and walks out of the safe house with a fiery blaze behind him. #itwastotallycomicbook #verycool #hesaMarvelbaddie

And I said, "Well, I guess he is Nuke."

And Military Husband said, "Sounds about right."

Isn't it delightful we live in a world where all these 
comic book heroes and villains can come to life on the screen?

Back at Wendy's, Hogarth is still being slashed by Wendy. However, Pam shows up, knocks Wendy out and this happens:

At the same time, Jones arrives. She sees Wendy dead and tells Pam it was self defense, but looks at Hogarth and says, "you are a murderer."

Jones heads back to her apartment and finds Kilgrave waiting. She tells him that he no longer can control her. Kilgrave knew that, and has for some time. But he has an offer for Jones - he mind controlled the District Attorney to agree to release Hope. He will give exchange Hope for Albert. Kilgrave also still believes that he and Jones were once in love. He even cites a time in which 12 hours had passed and his mind control had worn off, yet Jones still obeyed him. 

However, Jones does not remember this event the same. She told him that she waited for the 12 hour mark; she had intentions to kill herself. When Kilgrave found her trying to jump off a roof, he almost forced her to cut her own ears off. She even shows Kilgrave the scar. And then, she knocks Kilgrave out.

I find it interesting that Kilgrave has latched on to Jones to this degree. Obviously, Kilgrave has a great deal of abandonment issues considering his mother and father simply ran from him once he obtained his powers. It is almost if he sees Jones as some sort of mother-like figure to him. She has superior powers to him, and when he could control her she could only use her powers to serve his wants and needs. When he could no longer control her, he wanted to "work" with her like a team. He wanted to be under her wing. Kilgrave's behavior traits creates a large amount of pathos for him. Simply put, although he is not the "best" supervillian in the comic world, his character development is quite excellent. 

But truly, I digress.

Hogarth visits Pam in prison. Pam knows that Hogarth brought Kilgrave to Wendy's to kill her. And Hogarth quickly reminds Pam coldly that she crushed Wendy's skull.

And I am all in my notes writing, "DAMN. Hogarth is pure evil. She's like House of Cards evil. #FrankUnderwoodwouldLOVEher"

Back at the "Kilgrave Survivor Group," Malcolm is admitting to everyone that he helped Jones hide Ruben's body. Surprise! Robyn is listening to the whole confession and rallies up the group to act against Jones. They all head to Jones's apartment. At this time, Jones has Kilgrave tied up and is planning to get Hope from prison. Robyn and the other survivors bust in the apartment and Robyn knocks Jones out. #badidea

So. Much. Is. Happening. #loveit

Have you forgotten about Simpson, aka Nuke? I sure have not. 

He shows up at Trish's apartment while Albert is working on the cure. Trish notices his dilated pupils and Simpson says it is just the medication. Then, he goes volatile and attacks Trish and Albert. Trish pushes him out of her apartment and grabs his "red pills."

The next day, Jones is heading to prison to retrieve Hope. When she arrives at prison, an officer hands her a note that reads, "Bring dad or lose all Hope." Thus, Jones grabs Albert and his "vaccine" and heads to an Asian fusion restaurant. Albert sprays himself with the vaccine before entering. The members of the "Kilgrave Survivor Group" are all hanging by nooses, standing on the bar. Hope tells Jones to kill Kilgrave. Kilgrave orders his father to come to him, and he does, proving the vaccine useless.

In a bizarre twist, Hope stabs herself in the throat with a wine glass. Kilgrave orders all the survivors to step forward and hang themselves. He escapes with Albert, and Jones jumps on the ceiling and releases the pipe to save the survivors. Hope's fate, however, is not the same. She dies in Jones's arms.

Jones promises she will kill Kilgrave.

As always, I am still,


  1. O.M.D......Just finished his episode and...O.M.D.

    Like you said...SO much going on, and so much I didn't see coming!! This is by far my most favorite episode ever!! From Simpson killing Clemons (didn't see it coming) to Wendy being killed by Pam (didn't see it coming, but LOVED it when she told the prison guard she "didn't know this woman"!!) the last scene with Hope...CRAZY!!

    I have to say, I compared Hogarth to Underwood too....They have bunches in common!!
    This show is totally awesome!!

    1. Hahaha yes Frank would love her! Hogarth is more of a Grant Ward level villian. I wasn't very satisfied with how they left her at the end of the series tho.
      What did you think of Ultron? Wasn't my favorite Marvel movie. But I don't blame it on Whedon. I think there was just so much going on to slam into a two hour movie.

    2. I think Ultron was a good "set up" for Civil War.....Tony totally going rogue at the beginning (creating the Ultron tech) showing his arrogance and the Captain being his "team USA, follow orders, spirit" self. Two totally different sides of the Super Hero spectrum. :-).

      Anywho..I liked the movie, but also not my favorite....My loyalties are totally split between Tony and the Captain (2 totally hot super heros ;-) and I can't choose a favorite between them!

      I love anything Whedon!..From Firefly..Buffy...Angel...Dollhouse...Cabin the Woods etc, etc. to present day Shield and Avengers! He brings a sense of humor so rare to the big or little screen!

    3. I love Captain America! All his movies are my favorite! The first Avengers movie is also a favorite!
      And we are huge Whedon fans too. Omgosh Buffy and Dollhouse were my faves. Obviously because Eliza! Do you know Xander was here in my hometown this year? Yep, Military Husband talked to his agent. Pretty nice guy!

  2. I don't get why was Pam at Wendy's house?

    1. I have no idea why she showed up! Unless Hogarth called her....

  3. Simpson told Clemons that Trish called him. And then proceeded to ask Clemons where was Trish. Clemons should have noticed that this was odd and should have just told Simpson to call Trish himself to find out where she was. Seems strange that such a seasoned detective would have missed that.

    1. Yes it does. It's been a long time since I saw this episode!


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