November 10, 2015

Marvel's Jessica Jones: A Hard Drinking, Short Fused Mess of A Woman

The second trailer for Marvel's Jessica Jones was released today and the hype is getting me pumped for the series! For all my Marvel fans and fans in the making, you can watch the trailer here:

FYI: Trailer song is Prodigy's The Day is My Enemy

In my last Marvel post Currently Giving Me All The Marvel Feels, I mentioned possibly recapping/reviewing the episodes upon its November 20th release. I have decided to take on this venture, so expect those to be posted during Thanksgiving week. This will be my first venture in Marvel recapping/reviewing, so wish me luck.

Now I know some of you have been toying with the idea of watching Jessica Jones and/or are planning to watch after seeing the first trailer. With that being said, I thought I would do a little introduction to the comic book character Jessica Campbell Jones Cage because she is a little different than what the casual Marvel viewer is used to seeing on the screen.

Most importantly, this series will NOT be appropriate for children. Jessica is a fallen superhero; she drinks heavily, curses and is sexually active (it is my understanding that during Episodes 1-7 of the Netflix series, there are two intense sex scenes). So keep thy virgin ears away from the Netflix, make sure the children are tucked away in bed while watching, and if you are generally adverse to this sort of R-rated dark and gritty dramas, you have been warned.

Jessica Jones first appeared in Marvel Comics in the Alias comic book series in November 2001 (when yours truly was in her 20s; there is no such thing as being too old for comic books, friends). In this series, we meet Jones as the fallen superhero, Jewel, who left her powers behind to become a private investigator. Throughout the series, we see Jones come to terms with her past.

Jessica Jones superhero origins come from an accident that killed her parents and put Jones in a coma after their car collided with a military convey carrying radioactive chemicals. After her recovery, she learned she had superhuman strength, the ability to fly (which she never truly mastered) and limited invulnerability. Jones attempted a run as a superhero known as Jewel, but when she accidentally interrupted a fight between two men under the influence of Zebediah Killgrave (Marvel's villain known as The Purple Man) her career came to a crashing halt. Killgrave's power was mind control, and using same, he placed Jones under his command using her to carry out his evil deeds and turning her into his sex slave.

And by sex slave, I mean, forcing Jones to beg Killgrave to have sex with her and watching him have sex with other women. Told you, my friends, this is NOT the PG-13 rated Marvel that you all know and love. 

Jones was kept prisoner by Killgrave for 8 months, and was eventually sent by Killgrave to the Avengers mansion to kill Daredevil. This mission failed, and she was safely placed under the care of SHIELD, largely thanks to Carol Danvers, also known as Captain Marvel (another potential series/film character in the works). 

And here we have Jones as she will be seen in the Netflix series - recovering from her time spent under Killgrave's control, working as a private investigator, who is largely sought ought by clients with superhero connections. Joining Jones in the Netflix series is Luke Cage, Jones on again/off again romance and finally, husband and father to their child, Danielle.

Cage's superhero powers are similar to Jones' - superhuman strength, accelerated healing power, along with unbreakable skin that is impervious to damage and temperature. Expect Luke Cage to have his own Netflix series in 2016. 

I know, I KNOW, Netflix is becoming a Marvel-rama.

Superheroes are everywhere these days.

Now, without giving away too many spoilers, it is my understand that throughout the series we will see Jones battle Killgrave, who has recently escaped from incarceration and is still obsessed with Jones. 

In case you have been turned off by the intense nature of this series or those raunchy looking cartoon stills above, let me express why you should you watch Jessica Jones: it is a well written comic, reading more like a graphic novel. Brian Michael Bendis, the author, creates a developed dimensional survivor in Jones. You will find you either sympathize with her or relate to her in some way or another. Her post traumatic behavior has taken her to the depths of what we all know as "rock bottom." She drinks, curses, has one night stands, argues with friends, undoubtedly has low self esteem and most importantly, she screws up. And because of that, I believe that those of you who may not be fans of the general comic book superheroes might be more intrigued by Jessica Jones. 

Jones and Trish Walker, also known as Marvel's Hellcat.

And for those of you Marvelholics, we should get a taste in Jessica Jones (similar to what we saw in Daredevil post-Avengers) of what the world is like post-Age of Ultron, leading up to the Superhero Registration Act forthcoming in Captain America: Civil War.

As you can tell, I am overly enthusiastic about this series.

Will you be watching Marvel's Jessica Jones on Netflix? Will you be joining me here in recaps/reviews? Let me know in the comments below!

Ready for November 20th, I am,


  1. I love how much of a movie buff you are!

    God bless,
    XO, Claire

    1. Hahaha I watch a lot of tv and movies! And anything geeky I'm all over it!

  2. Hmmm...this one looks interesting. No one in my house can answer this question - how many Marvel superheroes are there?

    1. I think they claim to have around 5-6,000, but I honestly would say more like 200-300. Out of that, you probably don't know more than 20-30 because so many of these guys/gals aren't big selling names like Hulk and Spiderman. There are so many comic books and graphic novels. I was in a comic book store not too long ago and I saw comics I never knew existed (new comics from the past 10 years). It's overwhelming!
      I think Jessica Jones will be interesting for the non comic book fanatic and especially for women. Let me know if you decide to check it out. Xxoo

  3. Mum says I'm too young to watch it...phtt! When she's at work, who does she thinks in charge of the remote control...hehe!!!!
    Loves and licky kisses
    Princess Leah xxx


  5. You're teaching me about a new superhero. Knew nothing about her until you!

    1. Well that makes me happy! I'm glad to spread the Marvelosity!

  6. I.can.not.wait!! Super hero's are everywhere right now for sure. They have been pretty good so far with keeping it real without selling out, you know. I am so happy that you are doing your part in showing the world the amazingness that is the #marveluniverse.

    1. Ah thanks girl!!! I'm pretty excited about this one. And it was good to get some answers about Rosalind last night (called it!!). But man I felt so sorry for May!!

  7. Happy veterans day to Your Daddy - hope he is healing and feeling better
    Mr Bailey, Hazel & Mabel

  8. Happy Veterans Day to your hubby! God bless those who serve our great nation!!!

  9. We are SOOOOO watching this!! Thanks for the "prequel" and we can't wait to see your review/recaps!

  10. This sounds pretty neat... I will check it out... Eventually...!

    1. Yay!! Maybe we can record it on a torrent site and send it to you lol.

  11. Another great interesting set, I see. :) Happy belated Veteran's Day to your hubby. Please give him my forever gratitude for his service. Have a great weekend! :)


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