October 26, 2015

Lifetime Movie Network Road Warrior: 16 & Missing

On Saturday night, I smelt something familiar in the air - the whiff of teens in peril, really dumb parents and situations in which I am to suspend all plausible belief of logistics. Yes, my friends, Lifetime movie recaps have returned with the latest film o'week and the satisfaction is like finally finding that random turd #MaddiethePug dropped in the grass last week. 

Lifetime has a library of these. 
16 & Pregnant, 16 & Stalked, 16 & Deadly, 16 & Dumber, 16 & Yo Momma. 

Now, as you know, Military Husband and I try to watch something good on Saturdays, prior to me swishing my Lifetime medicine around in my mouth. However, this weekend, and honestly, this was completely my fault, we watched The Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part 1 and it was AWFUL. The worst part? Jennifer Lawrence's acting. And this woman is complaining about not getting paid enough?

Two hours of Katniss crying and making #poutface. No. Just NO.

But truly, I digress.

Per usual, I like to give away the plot for those of you who like to pee your pants before the scare, so to speak (my little Halloween pun; roll with it, ok?). Basically, "16 & Missing" is like:

Which, YES, is another Lifetime movie. You see, when the writers at Lifetime get truly desperate, they just recycle one of their old scripts and switch things around a bit. It works because only a few people, like my masochistic ass, watch all these movies every week like it is their job. 

I have no life, you see.

Let's press on. "16 and Missing" begins with FBI Agent Julia leaving her husband Lucas and 6 year old daughter Abbey to go on a "secret mission." Ah, #yessssss the typical Hollywood FBI glamour where agents are running around with their guns on secret missions, profiling interesting criminals like Buffalo Bill or hanging out with Mulder chasing aliens. Not the harsh reality of pushing paper in a drab FBI field office in Mobile, Alabama anxiously awaiting a lunch break with free breadsticks from Little Caesars. 

 This Hollywood nonsense almost convinced me to be an agent. 

Anyhoo, as soon as Julia leaves, we see Lucas driving home and someone mysterious is tailing them. And then, we flash forward to ten years later in Lifetime Land and it is Abbey's 16th birthday party. Julia is now married to some dickwad guy named Daniel who has two children. Uh oh! Looks like Lucas is somewhere assuming the Lifetime position. 

Especially when you are cast in a Lifetime movie.

Things are pretty strained with Abbey and Daniel, largely because Daniel is a king size douche. As soon as Abbey and her friends run to check out the new car Julia bought her, Daniel immediately yells to his children: "Come on, let's hurry up and eat all the ice cream and cake!" so that Abbey and her friends will miss out. Way to pick em', Julia.

A huge fight ensues between Abbey and her mom over Daniel, and Abbey runs to her room with a plan. She has been talking to a 23 year old cop from Arizona named Gavin Brown in an online chat room known as "Chatterama.com" for the past two years. Abbey decides to leave in the middle of the night to meet up with Gavin. Other than the obvious "ewwwww" factor that Gavin is 23 and Abbey is 16, I have to wonder if chat rooms are still a thing for teenagers. I thought the cool kids did Periscope and Snapchat these days. Something tells me the Lifetime writers are around my mom's age and think Instagram is the name of a rabid STD.

My mom calls it "The Facepage." 

The next day, Abbey has disappeared and Julia, a Lifetime mom that actually has a brain, immediately calls Abbey's bff Janelle. Janelle tells Julia about Abbey's online boyfriend in Arizona. She also knows Abbey's email password, so she changes Abbey's Chatterama.com password which allows Julia to read Abbey's chat messages to Gavin. Julia learns Abbey is on her way to the Blue Ribbon Diner to meet Gavin. Immediately, Julia calls up her old FBI buddies who tell her there is no Gavin Brown on the police force in Arizona. So, she decides to fly to Arizona. Because of course he does, Daniel rolls his eyes and says, "Don't you think you are overreacting?" 

WOW, Daniel, no wonder Abbey ran off with some weird dude she met online.

I am reconsidering just exactly how smart "Agent Julia" really is for marrying this asshat.

Over in Arizona, Abbey arrives at the diner and sees Gavin. She tells him that he looks a lot older than in his picture online.

At this point, Military Husband comes charging in the bedroom staring at the television with a dumbfounded look on his face.

Military Husband: OH. I thought that was the guy from NCIS or something. Nevermind.


Despite him being a bit older than he claimed, Abbey is dying to give Gavin a kiss, and Gavin decides to take her to the "perfect spot," aka date rape alley, to lock lips. On the way there, Gavin puts on some cheesy country music and tells her they are like a real life Romeo & Juliet except this is Lifetime not Shakespeare. Finally, they arrive at Lover's Lane and make out in the car, all the while some lady is staring them like if these two do not quit:

And so will I. 

At or around the same time, Julia arrives in Arizona and meets her retired FBI agent friend who supplies her with a pickup truck, a pile of ammo and a couple of M16s. And I am like, are we sure this is Arizona and not Texas?

Meanwhile, Abbey and Gavin are hanging out at Gavin's house and Gavin tells Abbey his dad was murdered in the line of duty by his partner and his mom died two years later of a broken heart. Abbey tells Gavin her dad was murdered, too. We flashback to the night that Abbey was 6 years old riding in the car with Lucas. Lucas and Abbey are kidnapped by a guy in a van. Lucas manages to get the van door open so Abbey can escape. Abbey "hides" visibly behind a bush, but the guy ignores her and decides to leave the only eyewitness to a crime because this is Lifetime and we are supposed to suspend all belief of plausible logistics. Abbey says that Lucas was later found in the woods bound, gagged and shot in the head. At this point, I am like, Gavin's dad was murdered by his "cop" partner, Abbey's mom is a cop, Abbey's dad gets murdered mysteriously while Abbey's mom is on a mission. Coincidence?

The Lifetime writer's plot transparency is back, AGAIN.

That afternoon, Julia calls home to tell Daniel she is safe in Arizona and heading to find Gavin and Abbey. Daniel is pretty much like, whatever, hangs up and yells to his kids, "Who wants cookies? How about cookies for dinner!!"

This guy. Right here. Named Daniel.

Julia heads to the diner and a patron tells her that he saw a man with her daughter who is actually named Wesley Sherman, Jr.. He tells Julia where he lives, says he is "bad news" and "has lots of guns." Julia realizes that Wesley Sherman, Jr. is the son of her ex-partner Wesley Sherman and gets his address from her FBI friends. Back at Gavin/Wesley's house, Gavin/Wesley is trying to get Abbey to ride his red Twizzler. Last I checked, Gavin/Wesley was like 35 and Abbey was 16, so this roller coaster ride's next stop is a trip to Arizona's sex offender registry. But, BUT, you go ahead on Gavin/Wesley and take that underage sex advice from R Kelly.

He sees nothing wrong with a lil bump n' grind.

As Abbey protests, Gavin/Wesley gives Abbey lots of great lines like:

"You can't get pregnant on the first time. That's an old wives tale."
"I'm gonna be gentle with you."
"I'm experienced."
"I don't have diseases. Do you? No diseases here!"

Can we just not, Lifetime. #freaknasty

While he is dishing out this blech, Abbey sees a diploma on the wall with the name "Wesley Sherman, Jr." and starts questioning Gavin/Wesley. She tells him she wants to wait to do the horizontal wango tango. Gavin/Wesley leaves the room giving Abbey enough time to check his driver's license which also reads "Wesley Sherman, Jr." Abbey confronts Gavin/Wesley again, gets nervous, makes a run for it and realizes it was Gavin/Wesley who killed her dad Lucas. Gavin/Wesley grabs Abbey and texts Julia to meet them at the "Lincoln Mine." At the "Lincoln Mine," Julia tells Gavin/Wesley that his dad was a dirty cop and we flashback in Lifetime Land to see Gavin/Wesley's dad trying to let a bad guy go, pointing a gun at Julia and Julia shooting him in self defense. Gavin/Wesley does not care though because he is a Lifetime psycho doing psycho things. Finally, Abbey bites Gavin/Wesley, he lets go of her and Julia shoots him. 

And Gavin/Wesley does what, my friends? He ASSUMES THE LIFETIME POSITION. #spoileralert

We flash forward to Julia, Daniel, his kids and Abbey all hugging and living happily ever after. And Daniel closes the movie with "I want my cake and ice cream!!"

This pernicious twit. Named Daniel.

I cannot even with him. Or this movie.

Ah, Lifetime, you were not missed.

Anddddddddd roll credits.

Did you watch "16 & Missing"? Do you monitor what your children are doing on social media and online? How do you keep them safe from weirdo predators? Did you miss my Lifetime recaps? Let me know in the comments below!

As always, I keep wiping the Lifetime crap off my shoe, all for you, and I am,


  1. Chatrooms?? Nobody talked in chatrooms when my momma wuz in high school and dat wuz over a decade ago.

    1. LMAO. I KNOW. I'm telling you, the writers of this movie must have been a little, shall we say, older...
      warning us kids about the dangers of the internet!!
      We have MTV's Catfish for that, people! Hahahaha

  2. Thank you...I thought I was the only one who hates The Hunger Games. Hilarious review as usual. I monitored my boys' social media when they were younger (and they weren't even allowed to have any until they were 15 - I'm so mean). Now they're 20 and 18 so they're on their own, but it's a scary world out there!

    1. Lol!! At least the first one was done well. Catching Fire and Mockingjay are just garbage!! Yuck!
      It definitely is. Lots of freaks! Like me.... Haha just kidding.

  3. Oh JT graced my dreams last night..! We were dancing, was fun! No comment on this movie, I applaud your determination and sheer will to not shoot yourself with a fork every weekend... ;)

    1. Lol!!
      I think I was dreaming about food. Again!!
      I know. Lifetime eats my soul each week....

  4. My peeps haf just discovered Breaking Bad and are slowly working their way through from episode one. Please Maddie, haf you got a cure fur this puppy neglect?
    Loves and licky kisses
    Princess Leah xxx

    1. Lol!! Yeah my mommy is the same way when Agents of Shield or anything Marvel comes on. Neglect city. Xxoo maddiethepug

  5. Thanks for sharing, though I don't watch these types of movies on Lifetime - I'm more of the romantic and/or CHRISTmas movies on the Hallmark Channel - LOL Great recap though and your graphics always make me laugh. :)

    1. Haha you should really check them out! They are good for a laugh!

  6. I found I skipped many of those Lifetime movies when I was watching them On Demand...most of them just sounded like all the others! But your recaps are much more entertaining, and they save us the trouble of watching the movie. Jennifer Lawrence was great in Silver Linings Playbook, where it was her job to be a little quirky! I think that probably fits her real personality.

    1. Thanks!!
      I never made it through that movie! She's just not my cup of tea! I'm a ScarJo kind of girl!

  7. Your recaps are the best so I am going to keep reading and experience them thought you. The twitter, so funny!!

  8. Of course, I missed your Lifetime reviews! Today's gifs are from some of my fave movies too. Double bonus. I did enjoy the Hunger Games, though. I had read the trilogy so I was anxious to see the movie. There is never a really great comparison to reality and my own skull cinema. The same goes for Pet Semetary too. Books are ALWAYS better. ♥

    1. Pet Semetery was a GREAT book! Military Husband thinks Mockingjay 2 will be better, but I don't know if I am willing to give it a shot. UNLESS it is a free on Amazon Prime (Mockingjay 1 is currently free).

  9. I always look forward to these recaps, you say all the things I think.

  10. Chatrooms? We had something called 'Slam Books' when I was young. You got to write about classmates in them. Caused a hum dinger of a cat fight once. Saw a poster the other day.....whenever you're feeling lonely, put on a horror film and then you won't think you're alone....

    1. My mom had one of those!! I know she did Hahahaha

  11. I love the movie gifs! Another great review of a ........Lifetime move.

    1. Yes, yet again, I survived!!! This weekend the movie is something about "online abduction" or some bullcaca.
      I am afraid. VERY afraid. Pass the booze.

  12. You are just as obsessed with Lifetime as I am!

    God bless,
    XO, Claire

    1. Unfortunately yes. It has attached itself like a leech on me and I am allowing it hang on. Hahahahaha
      Love ya!!!


    1. Hahahaha nobody puts baby in the corner!
      When I was younger, I really wanted to be able to do all those dances. You know you were an 80s kid, if you actually TRIED to do any of the dances from Dirty Dancing.

  14. Teens in peril- seriously so good. I'm so glad you take one for the team and watch these movies for us!! xo

    1. I was never a teen in peril, but I was definitely an asshole as a teen. Hahahaha!

  15. Oh my lawd I can not believe you made it through that hot mess!!


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