May 26, 2015

Yasss, Your Bae Is On Fleek: 5 Slang Words That Need To GO AWAY!

Oh, the kids these days.

Wow.  That makes me sound super old.

But really, I am beginning to wonder if my generation was as annoying as this new one is, especially with all this new founded slang going around.  Most of this speak appears on social media.  You see, this generation has social media as its output for all that is "cool."

My generation, on the other hand, had Brenda and Kelly, Agent Mulder, Twin Peaks, Heathers....

We even had Zack Attack!

That is probably not the best example of "cool," eh?  How about this:

No?  Well, I thought it was cool at one time.

Anyhoo, what is with this ridiculous vernacular  nowadays?  More than half of it makes young people sound super illiterate.  The rest causes an unsettling chaos to my ears.  And I must have order in my world.  A little bit of chaos in my world and I start getting all pissy, Ultron style.

Eh, it is a Virgo thing.

Now, I admit I do use the occasional hip slang (I know, hypocrite much, but I have to fit in, assimilate with the normals and such, so no one discovers how truly weird I am).  My husband, on the other hand, is completely clueless when it comes to the new vocabulary of young folks.   I have to explain things to him all the time.

Me:  She is the true definition of basic.

Husband:  What is basic?  What does that even mean.

Me:  You know, ordinary, everyday, unoriginal, just basic.....a basic bitch.


Nevertheless, there is some lingo you will never hear me say and I wish would completely disappear from vocabulary and social media.

Here is my list of 5 Slang Words That Need To GO AWAY!

1) Bae

I was so pissed when Usher wrote the song "My Boo."  Everyone and anyone started referring to their loved ones as "boo" or "booboo."  Of course, that was before the gaggy word "bae" came into existence.  In case you were not aware, "bae" is an acronym for "before anyone else."  Every tween nowadays, and even adults, are using this word and it just flat out sucks.  I want to scream when I see someone write:

"When bae is here, my heart >>>>"
"He's my bae"
"Bae is everythannnnnng"
"He = bae"

Just bloody awful.

2) Yassssss

Because you cannot spell yes?  Have we really sunk this low?

3) On Fleek

My friend asked me what this meant one day, and sadly, I knew.  "On fleek" means very good, on point, precise.  Being a makeup lover, I first saw this term referred to groomed and filled in eyebrows:

"Eyebrows on fleek!"

Speaking of eyebrows, why are girls doing their eyebrows like Jafar from Aladdin these days?  Did I not get the memo on this being cool?


"On fleek" is beyond stupid and this catch phrase is turning up everywhere.

And you questioned my whole "going Ultron" on the world idea.

When I hear a grown woman saying "on fleek," all I can think of is:

4) Selfie

If you follow my blog, you know how I feel about selfies.  In case you missed it, you can read about that here: But First, Just Don't. 5 Kinds of Selfies That Make Me Wanna Hurl!

When I hear these phrases uttered:

"Let's take a selfie!"
"Selfie time."
"Gotta post a selfie to my Instagram."

I feel a cringe that is 100x worse than the screech of a chalkboard.

I will never forget the day I learned of the "Selfie" song and saw the video that accompanied said song.  Neither will my husband because I shared the video with him via text.

My husband was all:

Not really, but he told me not to text him things like that again lest I be blocked.  I pretty much ignore what he says.

Because caring is sharing, people!

As if selfie was bad enough, do not forget the "selfie stick" invention because everyone needs to carry a pole around to place their phone on to take pictures of themselves.

After all, stuff like this is way too dangerous:

We do not need to see pictures of you this badly.  I promise.

What is wrong with this country?


5) Totes & Obvi

Totes = totally; obvi = obvious.  I really think this has caught on because of the "text message" generation dumbing everything down to three or four letter words.

I also think this is popular because the wizard was not giving out brains on the day the people who use these terms were born.

It is "totes obvi" this country is full of idiots.

See what I did there?

Honorable Mentions:

Any and all Twitter lingo (which is exactly why I am no longer a part of the Twitter generation):

#WCW (woman crush Wednesday)
#MCM (man crush Monday)
#TBT (throwback Thursday)

Enough said.

What is your least favorite slang word of today's generation?  Let me know in the comments!

Your bae needs to get the fleek out of here,


  1. Another fun post, and I learned some things too. You make me laugh. I feel the same way. I thought fleek was like snap chat or something. I think this is all chaos and dumbing-down of this generation. Glad I don't have children to have to contend with on these matters.

    1. I don't remember having all this strange lingo when I was a child! I love technology and social media can be a great way to connect to the world, but so much of it has dumbed down America. It's really unsettling. On fleek is awful! I only knew what it meant because I had looked it up myself (only after seeing it a million times). This world is crazy. My future child will probably be speaking a foreign language, or it will seem like it, when he or she is a teenager!

  2. Yes, yes, yes, yes, and YES. I get so annoyed and also feel so old when I hear these words. I definitely still don't even know what On fleek means.

  3. LOL This post made me laugh so much! I love it. Sometimes my hubby & I use bae for fun. Of course I call him tons o' fun & he calls me bitchtits.

    I agree with all of these, even if I am guilty of some myself. ;)

    1. Well I say basic and that drives my husband nuts so I'm just as guilty haha! I like bitchtits that's funny lol!

  4. HAHA, On fleek? HA, never heard that one.. But guess it hasn't made it to Singers yet lah! Totes guilty of #4 :P

  5. What the hell does "ON FLEEK" mean?! I can't even handle it!

    1. I know right. But seriously, it means, on point, yo!
      I can't believe I know what that means. But I do.
      The club can't even handle me right now. ahhhhaaa

  6. Lmao I must admit I'm guilty of #MCM and selfies! (I'm just vain enough to love a good selfie lol) But I cannot stand bae! Or "on fleek". They both drive me insane:/

    1. Bae is just uggggh!! Needs to go away! And on fleek is nonsense lol

  7. I agree with all of these. I've been ranting about selfie for years now. People think I'm being silly, but I cannot STAND that awful word.

    1. It's such a 12 year old word and adults love it! Ugh just call it a picture. Why selfie!!

  8. Phrases with handbags annoy the shit out of me. #igetit #whatsthedamnpoint #yourenotcool
    Also THOT. Just ridiculous. I asked my students what it meant and got a classroom set of eyes the size of dinner plates. Oops #mybad

    1. Omg I almost put thot on here, but didn't think anyone had ever heard it before!! Lol. That one is awful!!!
      Do they use f-boys too? I heard that one and was like what's an f-boy? So stupid!

    2. Hashtags!!!! Damn autocorrect. Ugh

  9. That answers my Twitter question... :) I agree on the slang stuff. I also hate "kitteh." It's a kitty!

    1. Wtf? I've never seen that one!
      Ugh this generation!

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