May 24, 2015

Pug Posts: Pretty Pug Maintenance Tips + FURminator Ear Cleaner (for Dogs AND Cats) Review

Hi everyone!  #MaddiethePug here again, and I want to first send you a big pug kiss and hug for reading and commenting on my Pug Posts.  You guys are the best.  I'm basically taking over my mommy's blog one Pug Post at a time thanks to your support.

Today, I am going to give you some tips on "Pretty Pug Maintenance" - basically, how to take care of your pug.  I will also be reviewing an AWESOME product that was pretty much pug-life changing for me (and no, I wasn't paid to do the review, but you know, if you want to throw a cheeseburger my way, feel free, hehe).  This post will give you a little insight into what it is like to take care of a pug, in case you ever want to adopt one into your heart.

So everyone out there in Internet land, here are some tips from #MaddiethePug on how to keep your pug looking like me - pug perfect.

Cleaning Pug Folds

You might have noticed we pugs have folds.  The little one over my nose is what my mommy has to keep clean.  You see, #MaddiethePug likes to store extra food in her fold, just in case she gets hungry later.  Your pug probably does or will do the same thing. Pug folds get dirty and you have to clean them!  And in case you were wondering, pugs don't clean folds.

We are divas.

My mommy cleans my fold with unscented baby wipes.  She will wrap one around a q-tip and lightly swipe through my fold once or twice a week (depending on how much food I try to store up there).

Here is a pack of unscented baby wipes my mommy uses on me, but any brand will do, just remember to get the unscented, alcohol free kind.

Cleaning the fold is very important for pugs.  If you don't clean your pugs fold, puggy will get an infection. My sister BabyBelle had a little infection when she first came to live with us. In case this ever happens to your pug, my mommy killed the infection by using a simple wash of 3 parts of vinegar/1 part water mixed up in a Ziplock container. She dipped a sterile gauze pad in the wash and wiped BabyBelle's fold several times a day until the infection was over.

My mommy is awesome.

Pug Spa

At least once a month, sometimes more, my mommy takes me to the Pug Spa.  The Pug Spa is located in our bathroom and my mommy is the one doing all the pug pampering.

Here I am preparing for my pug spa time.  My mommy uses a gentle conditioning shampoo made for puppies that reduces odors and shedding.  It smells like raspberries.  My mommy loves raspberries!

Yeah, I know.  I'm tiny and cute.  Autographs cost cheeseburgers, folks.

I really love Pug Spa because my mommy sings to me (Editor's Note: yes, we sing to pugs around the house because why not).

The Pug Spa song is "Clean The House, Clean the Pug."

The lyrics are:

If you gotta clean the house, then you gotta clean the pug.  

You gotta clean the house, clean the pug. 
Oooh oooh.
Clean the house, clean the pug.
Oooh oooh.
Clean the house, clean the pug.
You gotta clean that pug and then you give her some love!
*Available on iTunes coming December 2015, pre-order available soon #MaddieThePug (hehe)

After the Pug Spa, my mommy dries me and brushes my hair with the FURminator Dual Brush for Dogs. We've been using this ever since sent it to us for review and it is #prettykewl.  It cuts down on my shedding and helps me achieve that blowout hairstyle that is all the rage in the Blo Bars these days.

Except, I don't need Blo Bar.  I've got Pug Spa.

Pretty hurts, people.

When you aren't #MaddiethePug, that is.  Being pretty is pug-easy with my mommy around!

Cleaning Pug Ears 

I love to roll around in the dirt.  But, it does make my puggy ears dirty.  My mommy has tried several methods to clean them - wash rags, baby wipes - nothing worked.  She was excited when she learned the FURminator line had an ear cleaner.  So, my mommy ordered the FURminator ear cleaner.  

Disclaimer: My mommy and daddy spent their own money on this product.  All opinions are my own and were formed after using the product my pug-rents purchased! And #MaddiethePug would not waste my mommy and daddy's money that could be used on more cheeseburgers to fill up my belly.  I wouldn't waste your money either because I can handle the pug truth!  Moving on....

The FURminator Ear Cleaner for Dogs and Cats is formulated (there I go again, using big words, pug genius here folks!) to use frequently on both dogs and cats, over the age of 12 weeks old, ears.  It cleans the ears and reduces the stinky smell of dirty ears. In order to clean your pug's ears with this product, gently wipe the pug ears out with a cotton ball or cotton pad soaked in the cleaner twice daily.  Make sure to be gentle!

Here is my before (don't puke, ok guys, I know, I know, my ears are dirty!):

Here is my after:

And this was after ONE use!  My ears have totally improved since using FURminator Ear Cleaner.  I'm telling you guys, you need this product if you have a dog or kitten with dirty ears.  It's awesome.  My daddy always is complimenting me now on how great my ears look and smell.  The FURminator Ear Cleaner is on sale at for $5.21 and you can purchase it HERE if you are interested.

Being a clean and happy pug is what life is all about!

And now, I'm pug-hausted.

Do you have any tips for keeping your pug or fur-friend beautiful?  Let #MaddiethePug know in the comments below!

Napping with the Bummlies, I'm just,


  1. hi maddie!
    oh you look beeeeeautiful after going to your pug spa! Super soft and clean!
    my r-chee works hard at getting all his pug smells just perfect to waft, but then is folied by a trip to the pug spa at our house too! :)
    he likes it though... he gets lots of soapy hugs in the tub and fluffy ones with the towel.
    it also gives him a new project to work on (repuggifieing himself) until the next time he gets beautified! :)
    sharing the joys of life is why we are all here afterall! tee hee!
    who better to teach us that than a pug!
    we love you!
    melissa and archie

    1. Aww I loved his pictures too!
      Yes Maddie tries to find her pug smells after a bath! Lol she also tries to find them after I shampoo our carpet.
      We love you!!!

  2. Oh Maddie! You are pretty cute, thanks for all the good tips! Mr Bailey needs his ears cleaned regularly too!
    Mr Bailey, Hazel & Mabel

    1. Thank you very much. You're #prettykewl too! xoxo MaddiethePug

  3. Oh so cute!!!! Maddie you are adorable!

    1. She thanks you and sends her pug hugs your way! :):)

  4. I just found you via BlogPaws & have to thank you for my morning laugh! What a lucky pug with her very own Pug Spa ;-) I'm an Army wife as well, and blog about our pups over at K9sOverCoffee :-)

    1. Aww thank you!! I'm coming to check you out!! Yay army wives!! :):) oh and Maddie thanks you too!

  5. Oh Maddie, I feel like I have neglected Ries and Sadie. They totally need a bath and you make me feel guilty! :(

    1. Oh no don't feel guilty. Just put them in a spa! Lol they would love it.

  6. Aw, very cute. I also love raspberry scented things.

  7. I'm totally going to have to get the Ear Cleaner! Maddie looks fab! =D


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