May 10, 2015

Pug Posts: BabyBelle's 1st Pug Birthday Party (Warning: CUTENESS OVERLOAD OF PICS INSIDE!)

Hello Party People Of The Internet!  #MaddieThePug back again, and I wanted to let you all know about my sister Belle's 1st Birthday with her family this weekend.  Belle, or BabyBelle as we call her, is technically 3 years old, but my mommy and daddy rescued her last year on Mother's Day (she was my mommy's Mother's Day gift).  Mother's Day weekend is now officially the celebration of her birth into a new life with us.

We love BabyBelle so much we decided to have a huge celebration.  It was her first one and everything (but FYI people, #MaddiethePug gets a birthday week).

On Friday, BabyBelle got a special surprise gift from our friends at

It was a Kong Cozie Baily The Blue Dog Toy and she went totally crazy.  While my mommy and daddy were off seeing the new Marvel movie Avengers: Age of Ultron, along with forgetting to bring me back any of their popcorn, I had to listen to her squeaking that toy all over the house.  I was like, seriously BabyBelle, enough with the squeaking.  And she was like:

But it was her birthday, so I forgave her.

Later that evening, BabyBelle enjoyed a pug favorite for dinner.

Pizza!  That's my sissy, BabyBelle, climbing up for a taste of that delicious pie, as we New Jersey girls call it (that's right...I'm from Jersey, deal with it).  Of course, I also had my fair share of pizza.  I was all GET IN MY PUG BELLY!  The hand in the picture is my daddy giving BabyBelle the pizza.  He bought it because pugs don't have pizza puggy banks....but you know what, now that I think about it, they totally should.  As my mommy says, but truly, I digress.  Hehe...

After pizza dinner, my mommy and daddy gave BabyBelle her new special friend, Beatrice.

Beatrice is a Bummlie and my mommy and daddy bought her at PugNotes Etsy.  Bummlies are stuffing free dog toys handmade by an awesome artist, Melissa Langer.  Miss Melissa is a fellow pug mommy and the designer behind the Bummlies.

You can check out the Bummlies and us with our Bummlies (yeah, we are featured there too - famous pugs over here!) at this link: Bummlies Gallery.

We pugs think Miss Melissa is #prettykewl.  She creates pug art, along with a lot of other cool stuff all about pugs and for pugs (and other dogs, too).  I mean, she's pretty much the pug Leonardo Da Vinci.  Melissa Da Pug.  See what I did there?  I made her an honorary pug.

You can tell my sister really loves her new friend Beatrice because she's already cuddling her.  BabyBelle LOVES to cuddle.  She only cuddles people she loves the best.

My mommy doesn't like to leave pugs out, so she and my daddy got Beatrice a friend.  Which means I got a new friend too!  Little secret - my mommy showed me all the Bummlies on Etsy and I got to pick my new friend.  I'm pretty picky about who gets to be my new bestie.

Meet Luigi.  He's MORE than #prettykewl because he loves pizza.  Plus, Miss Melissa said he and Beatrice go way back to their days playing together in her sewing room.  Best friend Bummlies for best friend sisters. I love him.  I just hope he doesn't try to steal all my pizza.  Just kidding - I share.

Night night time for me and Luigi.  Aren't I adorable?  I do autographs for cheeseburgers,folks!

If you have a pug or a special fur-friend, you should totally get him or her a Bummlie friend.  We love ours and Miss Melissa is such a sweet lady.  She always writes personalized notes with her Bummlies and she emails everyone who purchases with her to tell her how thankful she is to get to know a new pug family.

Miss Melissa is all over the internet.  Here are Miss Melissa's links for you to check out:
PugNotes Etsy Shop (where my mommy bought the Bummlies): PugNotes Etsy Shop
PugNotes Website (where you can get MORE stuff for your doggy): PugNotes
Melissa's Blog: PugNotes Blog
PugNotes Facebook: PugNotes Facebook
PugNotes Instagram (Bummlie Selfies!): PugNotes Instagram
PugNotes Twitter: PugNotes Twitter

Disclaimer: Pugnotes did not sponsor this post. My mommy and daddy spent their own money on the Bummlies from and were not asked to mention the store or Melissa in this post.  From time to time, we pugs will mention stores with extra-ordinary service and products we all love without any sponsoring involved because that is how we pugs roll.  And we like to roll around a lot.

On Saturday, my mommy gave BabyBelle her birthday cards:

My mommy made BabyBelle a special birthday cake:

You can get the recipe for it here: Strawberry Twinkie Dream Cake.  I highly recommend you do.  It was yummy to our tummy and the pug-fect light, fluffy treat for summer.

BabyBelle loved blowing out the candles.  1st birthday with her family!

Happy Birthday dear BabyBelle, Happy Birthday to PUG!

BabyBelle is crazy.  Cool Whip all over the face, just like a real baby on her first birthday!

Overall, I'd say BabyBelle's 1st Birthday was #prettykewl.  I'm heading to enjoy a cheeseburger and some Daddy time now, and BabyBelle....

She's relaxing in the baby bed, chewing on her puppy chew bar.

Talk to you later, alligators.

Taking over Mommy's blog, one pug post at a time, I am,

Editors Note:  Just wanted to say a HUGE thank you again to Melissa from for making Belle's birthday so special with her amazing creations.  We are so glad we found your stores and you.  Just one of the many wonderful perks of being a member of the blogging community! 


  1. Happy Birthday to Baby Belle. She is a beauty and so is Maddie. From where did you adopt them? We adopted two of ours from Southeast Pug Rescue, and now they have had to close up.

    1. Maddie was my husbands dog and he had her before we were married. He bought her from a champion breeder. Belle was rescued from a lady who basically threw her out. She had an ad on Craigslist for a free pug she didn't want and we answered it! We are so glad to have her. She's the most loving little dog!

  2. Awww too cute! I love this.

  3. happy happy birthday and gotcha day baby belle!
    you and your beautiful sister maddie are the 2 luckiest girls in the world to have such amazing parents!

    R-Chee and I are over the moon happy that you both love your Bummlies!

    we loved making them for you and are super honored to help you celebrate your special day!

    We love you!
    Melissa & Archie

    1. Thank you soooo much!!!
      We all love you too!!!!! Maddie is always, always with Luigi...he's her friend. And they were running around and playing all 4 Saturday night!

      Love, Maddie, Belle and Parents :)

  4. Cute! That cake looks good!

    My daughter actually would LOVE a pug.

    1. Pugs are SO good with kids. Our pugs play with all the kids in our neighborhood. Natalie wouldn't want to go to school if she got one lol she'd want to stay home and cuddle it!

  5. Happy birthday baby Belle! Your cake looks delicious!

    1. Thanks so much Lindsay! xoxo BabyBelle!

  6. Happy birthday and it's nice to meet you!

    1. Thank you so much! It's nice to meet you too! Heading by your blog to say hello now!! :):)

  7. Oh Gosh!! Sorry we are late to the birthday pawty!!!! Happy Birthday Baby Belle!!
    We are so thrilled to see you have your own Bummlies! aren't they just the bestest friends ever!
    Mr Bailey, Hazel & Mabel

    1. Thank you!!! Yes we love our Bummlies!!!
      Xo MaddiethePug and BabyBelle


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