May 20, 2015

Military Wife & Husband (Guest) Post: TV Shows We Watch Together!

Back in April, I wrote a post with my husband about the television shows each other watched that we just could not stand.  You can check that post out here: Military Wife & Husband (Guest) Post: TV Shows He/She Watches I Just Can't With!  My blogging friend Stevie requested we do a post focusing on the shows we love to watch together.  My husband and I thought that was a great idea and another fun opportunity to brainstorm together.  If you ever have any ideas for collaborations for my husband and I to post, please let me know!

Thanks so much again to Stevie for requesting this post.  Everyone make sure you check out her blog and follow her at: Stevie's Balancing Act.  She is awesome!

Here are the TV Shows We Watch Together!

Hell's Kitchen

My Commentary:  My husband got me into this show and it is SUCH a guilty pleasure.  Gordon Ramsey is my spirit animal.  He says everything to the contestants that I would have loved to said to the people I formerly worked with.  You know,  jackholes, also known as, lawyers.

What could be better than see him getting so angry at everyone.  He is just fantastic.  And he is here every week people (a new season has been renewed, too!).

I love his tagline at the end of every episodes this season after he lets the contestants blah, blah, blah, blah about why they should stay in Hell's Kitchen.  It is so condescending and so blunt:

"Yeah, I'm not feeling it.  Give me your jacket."

This is totally me.  I am not feeling so many, many people.

Husband's Commentary:  Food, drama, Gordon Ramsey calling people pigs and cows...

This is fun for the whole family! We spend an hour laughing and looking at awesome food.

How I Met Your Mother

My Commentary: My husband also got me into this show and if you have been following my blog for awhile, you might have noticed I overuse the heck out of How I Met Your Mother gifs.  It is a sort of sickness that I am down with these days.  I think I relate to these characters because this is my generation's version of Friends.  Oh, and the fact that I am pretty much a female Ted Mosby.

Believing I am the smartest person ever and letting everyone know...

Overcorrecting.  All the time.

Doing this:

A few hundred or so times.

And being just a tiny bit passionate about love.

Good thing my husband was ok with all of this.

Husband's Commentary: This is easily one of the funniest and best written comedies of our generation.  We all in some form of another can relate to this group of characters.  Even though the show is no longer on, we watch all the re-runs and frequently watch it again and again on Netflix for laughs and quotable moments.

House of Cards

My Commentary:  In some alternate universe, Frank Underwood is the President of the United States....or at least, in my mind, he is.  His murdering, scheming, backstabbing ways are kind of, um, endearing?  Maybe it is that we all have a little Frank in us, somewhere trapped in our minds.

We would never actually act on those thoughts.

Frank just has the best lines ever.

This is such a smart show.  If you are one of the few yet to watch this on Netflix, get on that today!

Husband's Commentary:  This is by far the best drama be it television or streaming online.  We eagerly wait every year for this show to come back and binge watch the entire thirteen hours upon its release.  Just another excuse to stay glued to the couch with our pugs and pizza.


My Commentary:  This show is so cute, made even especially by the adorable Rose McIver.  It reminds me so much of one of my all time favorite shows EVER, Tru Calling.  Except Rose McIver is not Eliza Dushku, and there is just that....sigh.  I really hope the kinks are worked out on this series (the ratings have gone down since its premiere) because it has such potential.

Anyway, what's up with the CW?  Is it some wayward home for DC Comics?

Just remember folks.  We have Captain America, Charlie Cox and Chris Hemsworth.   And they had Shaq in....


DC wants to forget, but I will not let them.

Husband's Commentary:  Being the comic book/gamer geeks we are, of course, we watch iZombie.  DC Comics is far superior to Marvels "ok" superhero adaptions (Editor's Note: gagggggg) so this show was destined to be a hit.  Most shows on television are so dreadful; it was a nice surprise to find this new diamond in the rough.

Marvel's Agents of Shield

My Commentary:  In a "if you can't beat Joss Whedon, join him move", I finally gave in to binge watching Agents of Shield.  Look, if you live in the Marvel Universe, you better get used to giving all their movies and televisions a chance because:

So, here is the dish on Shield.  You have to give this show a chance.  In typical Whedon fashion, he introduces newcomers that need a little polishing on the acting chops.  But in time, you have to trust and believe he knows what he is doing and so far very well from what I can see.  And one key point I love about Marvel is their ability to adapt to their viewer's complaints. They actually care about their fans, which I cannot say for all comic book based shows (I am looking at you, Robert Kirkman).

Oh.  And there is the occasional cameo by Robin Sparkles.

It is all connected, folks.

Husband's Commentary:  The first season of this show began slow.  We have a habit of getting excited about a show thinking it will be super rad, and then after giving 3-4 episodes a chance, we ditch it.  This happened with Shield.  We realized the show tied in with my wife's Marvel obsession and we gave it another chance.  I am so glad we did because this show wound up being awesome (Editor's Note:  He's a Marvel widow. But he's coming over to my side more and more, hehe).


My Commentary:  Quite frankly, I dare say (see what I did there?) Daredevil is the best episodic series of 2015 thus far.  Marvel really upped their game in that it did everything right and taught everyone else what they do wrong.  The writers bring you into the world of Daredevil, with a backstory on the characters that make you sympathize, trust and believe in their existence. It is dark,  and deep, while all together being a well orchestrated series likened to a thirteen hour episodic movie.  And for those of you ladies who just cannot sit through anything with men running around saving the world in costumes or tights, by the time Daredevil is suited up, you are so melded to the character of who he is without the mask, it is almost impossible not to justify the costume.

Just an example of something I loved in Daredevil was the build of anger in Matt Murdock's character, the profound struggle of being both Murdock and vigilante all was so well played out like a choreographed dance.  I might even venture to say I was a bit disappointed in Age of Ultron because I just came off a Daredevil high.  Eh, well.

I am eagerly awaiting Season 2 and Daredevil's presence in the MCU!  Also, there is a little rumor going around that Eliza Dushku is being considered for Elektra.  MAKE. THIS. HAPPEN. NOW.

Husband's Commentary:  The movie was a huge bummer, but then it came to Netflix.  My wife and I were stoked to find out it was not going to be a campy adaptation of Daredevil, but more true to the graphic novel.  The setting, story and actors all make this worthwhile and another hit for Netflix.  Another binge watch must with our pugs!

Orphan Black

My Commentary:  Two words:  Tatiana Maslany.

That is really all you need to know.  She is by far one of the best actresses of our time, and will go on to do many, many great things in the future.  If you don't believe me, check out Orphan Black Season 1 and call me a liar.  This woman has talent running out of her ears and has yet to be recognized.  She is a sort of Boris Karloff of our time - a woman who can embody many different characters with polar opposite personalities and make you believe in every single one.

Husband's Commentary:  I give my wife all the credit for this one.  She stumbled upon the first season on Amazon Prime so we gave it a shot.  Low and behold, it turned out to be one of the best shows we have ever seen.  It is edgy, different and the acting is amazing to say the least.  We were hooked within the first few minutes of Episode 1.  Tatiana Maslany actually makes you forget she is playing all six women on the show.  This is one of the smarter shows on television which is probably why it was made by BBC America.

Honorable Mentions:  Mystery Diners, WWE Total Divas, the ID Network and the Bachelor/Bachelorette (particularly that one in Paradise - let the train wreck begin!)

What shows do you and your husband watch together?  Let me know in the comments and let us know any future guest post ideas you have for my husband and I to write together!

TV is still rotting my brain and I like it,


  1. I'm so behind on tv, I haven't watched any of these! I have been wanting to watch iZombie and I keep hearing awesome things about Daredevil. Definitely checking them out!

    1. Girlllllll you need to start Daredevil asap!! This weekend!! It's SO good!

    2. i agree with you love it.

    3. i agree with you love it.

  2. I love House of Cards, Gordon Ramsey not quite so much, although the peeps did watch an earlier series he did over here- that was before my time!
    Loves and licky kisses
    Princess Leah xxx

  3. We love How I met your mother, NCIS, and my hubs would kill me but pretty little liars, so cheesy but I actually really like it lol. We tried to watch orange is the new black and I didn't really like it?! Everyone flips out over that show but it was just eh for me.

    1. Omg I feel the same way! OITNB is sooo eh, I just can't with it! My husband loves NCIS; that's his thing. So glad to have a fellow HIMYM fan over here!! High five!

  4. We only have antenna TV, cut the cable a few months ago. Not a lot to choose from LOL. The only must watch for mom is The Voice. Mom & Dad always watched Parenthood together, but it is gone now
    Mr Bailey, Hazel & Mabel

    1. I honestly would do that! As long as we can keep Netflix, I'd be happy. My husband loves tv though. I've thought about putting myself on tv restriction (so many hours only a week). Maybe next year for lent!

  5. Aside from Hell's Kirchen the only show I knew that you mentioned was Friends which is my generations version of Friends. Lol. Somehow we don't watch much TV. The hazards of having a crazy husband who never sits down. game of thrones and the walking dead is all I got. Oh and baseball! Lol

    1. Omgosh you guys really should check out House of Cards. I know you'd like it.
      I hear you-my husband always is watching baseball!! And golf. And then football. Wash rinse repeat!!

  6. Ooh, will have to check out Orphan Black...! In the process of watching House of Cards - I hear the original UK version is worth checking out...!

    1. You'll love it!! And I've heard the same. I need to watch it. Don't you just love Kevin Spacey? He IS the show!

  7. I love Hell's Kitchen. Gordon Ramsay cracks me up. I like when he calls people Donkeys.

    Tom and I watch the following together: Gotham, The Mentalist, Game of Thrones, and The Americans. There are others too, but I can't recall. He can be rather picky about what he'll actually watch too.

    1. He's great!
      And my husband watches Gotham. I hung in for awhile and just had to tap out. If you guys like Gotham, you'd really love Daredevil. My husband loved it.

  8. Okay, I'll admit to loving the horrid Bachelor/Bachelorette. I love to hate the summer series! Hahaha!

    1. This season is gonna be good!! The preview looked juicy!! Drama drama! lol

  9. I need to jump on House of Cards! It's on my list to watch this summer definitely. We just started watching Wayward Pines together. Have you guys checked it out? I also downloaded the book. Not half bad!

    1. Wayward Pines is on the dvr still waiting to be watched! Hopefully this weekend! I'm curious to see it. House of Cards is amazing. You will love it!

  10. Just finished the book. AWESOME! Better than the tv show. (But still check it out, if you haven't!)

  11. My husband and I watched all of HIMYM together. We still joke about stuff from that show. "Stuff, kids. Stuff." We also are still working our way through Big Bang Theory. We love watching Orphan Black and OITNB together, as well. And Modern Family is our other show.


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