May 4, 2015

Gamer Girl Tears: That Time I Made The Choice For Lee Everett

Last week, Grey's Anatomy fans shed social media tears over the death of Derek Shepherd.  I personally do not watch the show, but it made me think about the nonexistent times I have gotten emotional over fictional characters trials, tribulations and deaths.

It's not like I'm completely heartless or anything.  I just do not get particularly moved by fictional characters.

Except for Lee Everett.

He is the character you play as during Telltale Game's first season of The Walking Dead (available on Playstation, Xbox, PC, etc).

I suppose when I think about it, I have always been a bit of a gamer.  Not hardcore like my husband, but even as a child, I owned one of these:

It was supposed to be the wave of the future, better than Atari, or so my parents said.  And I also owned:

That contraption is a classic 80s handheld Tron game.  The graphics were not so great, but the game?  Still stellar. Tron was everything.

In high school, I owned a Sega, and then upgraded to my first Playstation in college, which traveled with me to law school.  But law school being law school, sucking the very soul out of my existence, I stopped playing games because I never really had the time.

I have a whole series on how that turned out you can check out: Why I Quit Practicing Law 1Why I Quit Practicing Law 2Why I Quit Practicing Law 3

Funny thing is, when my husband brought home the Playstation 3, I thought it would be more his thing than mine.  Then, he showed me a trial of a game called The Walking Dead by Telltale Games and instantly, I was hooked.  I was a gamer girl once more.

Telltale's The Walking Dead is a game about the aftermath of the zombie apocalypse, kind of like the television show on AMC.  The game, like all Telltale Games, is a game about choices.  You, as the player, are given the choice on how you want to proceed in the game - do you want to save one person's life over another?  do you want to kill someone who's been bitten or let them turn into a zombie?  do you want to lie to another survivor and potentially make an enemy or tell the truth and make an alliance?  Every choice you make has consequences and at the end of every episode, you can see what choices other players of the game made compared to yours.  It is an emotional journey that questions your ethics and morals.

And then there's Lee Everett, who you play as throughout the course of Season 1.  Lee is being taken to prison when the zombie apocalypse occurs, and he escapes.  He takes shelter in a home where he finds Clementine, a child, who has been hiding from zombies after her parents left for Savannah some time before the zombie outbreak.  During the course of the game, you, as Lee, will become a caretaker and father figure to Clementine.

Here's the real man, Dave Fennoy, who is the voice actor for Lee Everett:

(He is awesome, by the way, and very popular at Comic-cons.)

Lee is caring, honest, reasonable, wise and in general, a nice guy. Lee is the kind of person you would want to be friends with in real life (despite his past crime).  You see, Lee isn't some hardened criminal - he caught his wife having an affair with a Senator and killed the Senator in a fit of rage.  And he regrets his actions.  He's a good person who made a poor choice.  He's a regular guy.  He's just like you and me.

And over the course of 15 hours of gameplay, you will come to sympathize and care for Lee Everett like he is a real person.

Or at least I did.

And then you have to make a choice.  A very difficult choice, without any spoilers, that haunted me for a week after I finished playing the game.  This was one time when I was extremely emotional over a fictional character.

Me:  Man, that game just....was so sad.  I'm still broken up over it.

Husband: I felt the same way over Rockstar's Red Dead Redemption.

Me:  Ew, uh yeah, that's a fun game, but I just couldn't get down with getting into a cowboy's issues.

Husband:  Well, that's how I feel about The Walking Dead.  Also, the controls are weird.

We have conversations like that because being gamers is just one of the many things we have in common.  No, I have no problem with my husband's game purchases because I ask for games for Christmas too.  I Google to see when my games are being released, just like he does.  I play for hours, just like my husband, when my favorite games are released.

But really, I digress.

Anyhoo, if your husband has a game station, you really should check out Telltale Game's The Walking Dead.  It's an amazing game and a game that women can really enjoy.

Just make sure to have your Kleenex handy.

As an aside, here is an awesome video from 2015 San Diego Comic Con - a live performance of Telltale's The Walking Dead! (warning - spoilers):

Are any of you gamer girls? Comment down below!

On my Playstation 4, I am still,


  1. I don't watch Grey's Anatomy either so I was totally oblivious to all the hoopla.

    1. Lol I can't stand that Heigl chick. Wasn't she in that show? I think so!

  2. Tommy loves his Playstation 4.

    Tom is the same way: he doesn't get why people get upset over a character that doesn't exist.

    1. I can't wait until more games come out for it!

  3. Me and my girlfriends still play Nintendo and Sega every now and then. Something about them mario brothers, coins, the speed of sonic the hedge hog ...brings back those childlike feelings again. Good times!

    1. I loved Sonic!! That game was so much fun! I tried to play on my phone a few times but it wasn't the same lol


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