April 13, 2015

Was It Tiredness That Made You Sleep?

If you have not been following my posts, my tooth has been the cause of some serious shenanigans in my life.  And by shenanigans, I mean, annoying as all h-e double hockey sticks.  I would imagine if you have been following my blog, you are pretty irritated that it seems to be ALL I talk about; you know, the massive pain in my mouth.

You can read all my tooth problems again here: He Has A Talent For Causing Things Pain!

Point being: this tooth is causing me more drama than Thanos getting control of all six infinity stones will.

Which for you non-Marvel comic fans means a crap TON of drama.

Because Jigsaw and Amanda could not schedule me until the end of April for my trap, I mean, root canal, I am currently in a purgatory of pain.  I take four antibiotics a day to keep down infection and pain killers for when I am in extreme pain.

And the worst part is the antibiotics make me all:

Notice I said the antibiotics, not the pain killers.

I seriously sleep more than Sleeping Beauty's ass ever did.  I almost slept through Lifetime's Seeds of Yesterday.  I mean, I told my husband, who was using the television to play baseball on the PS3, to wake me up for the movie and he almost did not!

Of course, he immediately claimed I told him the wrong time.

Lucky for him, I have Lifetime Trashy Movie spidey senses, and I woke up only a few minutes past the start of the film.

My husband's reaction to Seeds of Yesterday?:  "That was f-ing awful."

Anyhoo, I am just beyond over this tooth business.  The only people who enjoy this are my pugs because, if you have never been owned by a pug a little pug-knowledge dropping time, pugs LIVE to sleep.  They love every second of my sleep induced comas.

Only problem is, after a few rounds of these not only sleep inducing, but hallucinogenic meds, my pugs start looking like this:


Jigsaw's reverse bear trap for my tooth is starting to look more enticing every day.

Still hanging in there,


  1. Sorry about the tooth.

    And yes, Seeds Of Yesterday was meh. But I still watched.

    1. Yeah it was pretty blah blah! I laughed when they waited all day and night for Chris at the end and were like "he didn't show up." Who wouldn't have called the cops by then!? Lol oh and the drunk pregnant chick who had the two perfect kids.

  2. Ugh sorry about the tooth! I hope it's resolved soon.

  3. LOL! Oh man! Tooth pain is the worst!! Sounds like you're pretty much sleeping until that dentist appointment. I know you're not exactly looking forward to it, but I hope you feel better afterwards! *hugs*

    1. Thank you so much! Yes sleep sleep sleep! I'm so over it.

  4. Aw!!! Sorry to hear about all the pain but even in pain you managed to be hilarious!!! Whats this seeds of yesterday? WHAT??? I'm totally oblivious that lifetime made some V.C. Andrews movies?!!!! omg!! Thanks for letting me know!!!! going to watch NOW!!!

    1. Lmao. Lifetime made them all! Flowers In The Attic, Petals, Thorns, Seeds!
      Thank you for reading my blog and commenting!


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