April 15, 2015

Pug Posts: Housekeeping Is #PrettyKewl

Hi everyone.  I'm #MaddiethePug, quite possibly the coolest pug you will ever meet.  

I'm really popular and people are jealous of me because, well, I'm a cute pug with lots of personality and star power.

You know how that goes.  But enough about me (for now, of course, duh).

My mommy, as you know, runs this blog.  You'll be seeing me post here from time to time.  You probably will see my sister, Belle, too.  I'm just gonna warn you - she's baby pug and she's crazy.

"Hey everyone!! Does this blankie make me look like Baby Yoda??"

See what I mean?  Crazy; and I live with her.

I wanted to let you know a little blog housekeeping. My mommy has moved her blog from a blogspot.com to her own domain now - http://www.militarywifeandpuglife.com

So make sure you bookmark, hashtag, follow and all that jazz.  

She also made a public Pinterest account for this blog. You can follow her Pinterest here to see pictures of us pugs and other stuff Mommy likes.

Or you can just press this easy button (I'd press the button if I were you).

Follow Me on Pinterest

Did you press it?  Awesome.  You are #prettykewl.

I gotta go now.  Toys to play with and cheeseburgers to eat.

Catch ya next time,

(and don't forget me!!)


  1. Cute doggy. Yay for your own domain. I got mine too and it took forever for me to figure it out. I cursed a lot.

    1. Oh I know. I'm currently trying to figure out why my Adsense didn't transfer. Very annoying. I prob curse more than you!

  2. Hey MPW...it's sandy from raguspug. thanks so much for leaving a comment over on my blog. I have read through some of your post, and I am enjoying them so much. I'm going to put your blog on my blog roll so I can read when you update. Your pugs are so cute. We do have the four and it gets expensive. I took one in to the vet the other day and he examined her and gave her a shot of anti-inflammatory and I bought 12 doses of heartworm medicine and six doses of flea/tick medicine and the bill was $200. And with four the doses in the box do not last long. Anyway, I am enjoying your lawyer posts. I was a court reporter and now just do transcription for court reporters from home. I can see what you are saying about those crazy situations. My husband is a lawyer (AUSA). He doesn't talk much about work but that's how I met him was through working at the courthouse.

    1. Hey doll!! I know how expensive they can be! Our baby pug Belle was a rescue and we ended up spending so much when we first got her! Worth every penny. More legal posts to come. I had to break from writing about it, lol, it gets my blood boiling again! But I shall return! Tell your husband to stay true to his morals and values and he will always be one of the good guys! :) there are so many crummies out there!
      I followed your blog too! Hug your pugs for me.

  3. hi maddie, belle and mom!
    it is so nice to meet you!
    you guys are adorable!
    melissa and archie

  4. Your pugs are to die for!! I love them!! I can't wait to be able to have pets again!!

    1. Omg thank you! I'm obsessed with them lol.


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