February 16, 2015

Top 5 Fictional Characters I Wanna Be When I Grow Up

Growing up in this crazy thing called life, I yearned to be many great things.  If you have not already realized this yet by reading my blog, I am a little, well, odd.  Also, if you have not noticed, I talk about a lot of stuff that does not relate directly to being a military wife.  I have so much more to talk about though.  Mainly, myself.

And, because I am MORE than the sum of my parts ( being a military wife and mommy to pugs).

I am synergy!

But truly, I digress.

As I was writing, I wanted to be many great things while I grew upon this journey of life.  None of which were a lawyer, mind you.  Becoming a lawyer was the furthest thing from my mind.  I only went to law school because, well, I woke up one day I decided, "I think I'll go to law school" or something like that....

Without any further ado (or me blabbering through a lengthy introduction), I present, the top five GREAT (in my opinion) fictional characters I wanted to be when I grew up:

1) The Bionic Woman

While other little girls played with Barbie dolls, I played with my Bionic Woman doll.  She had an arm with rubber casing you could pull back to see her bionic parts.  She had amplified hearing, strong arms and could run at speeds over 60 mph.  The bitch was a badass.

She also had REALLY great hair.  I SO wanted to be the Bionic Woman.  Why be Barbie who just sat there and pined after Ken when I could be saving Ken's and their counterparts all over the world from evil empires?  My Bionic Woman doll got in her Jeep and ran Barbie down.

This could explain my lack of friends as a child.

2) Electo Woman and Dyna Girl

Did I mention I am old?  Anyhoo, I really wanted to be either Electro Woman or Dyna Girl as a child.  For one, they made spandex look sexy before Comic Con cosplay existed.

And two, they had a theme song.  It is my opinion that every great female, who will be known as a legend, should have an awesome theme song.  Life should be lived like the WWE, with intro songs and grand entrances, or like Electro Woman and Dyna Girl, with great theme songs.

3) Teen Witch

As a pre-teen, my middle school best friend and I loved a movie called Teen Witch.  It starred Robyn Lively who, if you are a bit younger than me, probably have never heard of, BUT I bet you know her sister, Blake.  This movie was super 80s cheese, but follow along.  The main character, Louise, is a nerd/loser who wants to be the most popular girl in school. Lucky for her, she is a witch who obtains her powers by her 16th birthday and turns herself into Miss Popularity and obtains the hottest guy in school's affection.  There is a lesson in the movie somewhere about how being popular was not all it seemed to be, having everyone adore you is not all that great, but really, I ignored all that blah blah.

I wanted to be her.  I mean, first of all, she was a witch with powers and....

She had great hair.

And furthermore, the movie was FILLED with singing, dancing and one hell of an introduction.

I wanted to be her.

4) Fairuza Balk or Robin Tunney in The Craft

In my early young adulthood, I totally went through a "The Craft" phase.  I wanted to be Sarah or Nancy, depending on what day it was, in the movie The Craft.  I patterned my clothes after them, including thigh high stockings and wedge heels before they were cool.  I even once tried to smoke until I realized only badasses in movies could make smoking look or seem cool.

These girls were witches.  Cool witches that should have been the most popular girls in school, but they were not for some odd reason.

Ok, they were probably cleverly disguised hipsters, but seriously, I wanted to be them.

They made being weird acceptable and one of my favorite lines ever came from this movie:

5)  Agent Dana Scully

Fun fact about me, I have a medium size X Files collection.  I was a hardcore X-Phile.  I even had a website dedicated to the show back in the days of Geocities.  I have autographs, magazines, VHS tapes of the series; one day, maybe I will share it with you.  And yes, I wanted to be Agent Dana Scully.

She was awesome.  Smart, skeptical, a smart dresser, got to work with a young David Duchovny (you know, before we found out about his sex addict problems and before he became Hank Moody).  She was everything I wanted to be.  She even semi-inspired my interest in the FBI and law school.

She was just a rockstar.

And I wanted to be her.

Notice a pattern here - witches, aliens, the supernatural?

How about you?  Did you ever want to be anyone fictional when you were growing up? Or maybe, you still do?  Let me know in the comments!

Letting my freak flag fly, I am,


  1. Oh how I love Teen Witch!!!!

  2. I LOVED Jamie Somers. I broke my arm when I was 8 and was in traction for over a month. I was convinced that the doctors had given me a bionic arm. I loved her hair and how she always had to swoop her hair to the side to use her bionic hearing.

    1. I know!! She was really ahead of her time. What a great show.

  3. Bionic Woman is awesome.

    I'd love to be Olivia Pope now. I randomly say, "It's been HANDLED!" like she does.

  4. I didn't notice until now that the Bionic Woman ran in heels - not high heels, but heels nonetheless. I wanted to be her, too, so I could get to know (in the Biblical sense) the Six Million Dollar Man.

    Thanks for dropping by. Your pug is awfully cute, and your blog is awfully fun. =)

    1. Thank you for commenting! Running in heels should be a sport. And Lee Majors was quite the playboy in his days!

  5. This list is hilarious(: When I was younger I wanted to be Samantha from Bewitched. I always thought if I could just twitch my nose fast enough like she could, I could actually make something magical happen lol

    1. Oh I totally need to put her on the list! She twitched her nose and the vacuum ran by itself totally inventing the Roomba!

  6. I'm with you on the witch thing, but I wanted to be Sabrina the Teenage Witch because I didn't grow up in the 80's :) I'm also totally on board with the Bionic Woman! Now I think I would be Katniss from the Hunger Games or Iron Man, but in lady form if that's possible (because Tony Stark is rich, famous, hilarious, a superhero, AND douchy... what more could you want?).

    1. Girl I love Sabrina. Whoo hoo!! That is one of my fave shows of all time. And Ironman is awesome!! He's also clever, smart and a sharp dresser!

  7. I wanted to be Kelly Kapowski, but I was definitely more like Jessie Spano. I wouldn't have minded living like Clarissa (as in Explains It All), either :)

  8. We were meant to be blog pals! :) http://merrylandgirl.blogspot.com/2014/11/movies-that-dare-to-be-stupid.html


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