January 5, 2015

Why I Quit Practicing Law 3: There's Nothing Just About Justice

This may be one of my more serious posts because it is one of great importance.  It involves our legal system, or the demise thereof.  You see, my fellow Americans, the justice system is one big huge joke.  One of my many reasons for quitting the law practice is my absolute disgust with the legal system.  If you think you are going to see "your day in your court," you are sadly wrong.  There is nothing just about the United States justice system.  If anything, with a legal system filled with corrupt judges, attorneys, district attorneys and cops, we are one foot in the door of a DC Comics world, where vigilantes will one day rule the night to finally end crime once and for all.

Let's start in the criminal courts where about 97% of all crimes committed never see a trial.  Most criminals are dealt with via plea bargains.  The plea bargain system is an absolute disgrace.  A good portion of the time these very plea bargains cause many innocent people to see the inside of a jail cell.  Most defendants cannot afford private legal representation, so they are faced with an option to plea to a lesser crime than face the chance of losing at trial with a poorly paid, overworked public defender and subject themselves to a mandatory sentence.  And sometimes, the most hardened criminals run the streets freely thanks to the plea bargain system.

Here is a perfect example:  I worked with a federal criminal defense attorney while I was in law school who represented a woman who had taken plea bargains on ten, yes ten, separate DUI charges.  Her record only reflected she had two DUI's with any sort of sentencing; the sentencing being little more than probation mind you.  She recently had been arrested because, while extremely inebriated and behind the wheel, she had a ran down a woman pushing her baby in a stroller and carried the little baby's remains on the front grill of her vehicle a half a mile down the road before she was forced over by witnesses.  With the help of all those plea bargains, this woman was on the road and caused the death of an innocent infant.  This is our justice system at work.

If you want to really see the justice system at its worst, spend a little time in family court.  As someone who worked in the family court system for years, I must be brutally honest and tell you that if you think you are going to be successful, have it your way and get everything you want in family court, you are sadly mistaken.  There are absolutely NO winners in family court.  None.  And your children?  The court and the judge could care absolutely less about your children.  You are a number.  You are Docket No. 124,567 to them - that is it; nothing less and nothing more.  The worst part about family court is that many evil lawyers will make you wild promises about results.  Never believe an attorney who makes you too many promises.  These kinds of lawyers are the worst.  You want someone who is realistic with you and upfront about the kinds of results you are most likely not going to receive.

Here's an example of some of the things that can happen to you in family court:  you could end up paying your ex spousal support, despite your airtight prenuptial agreement, you could end up owing your spouse a good amount in arrearages in both spousal and child support, and you may not have the money to pay him or her at the time (the judge does not care, by the way), you could end up kicked out of your home (the judge still does not care), you could end up losing all your personal belongings and you could end up in front of a therapist explaining why you have beer in your home, why you do not go to church every Sunday and why you posted a picture of yourself on Facebook in a bar last Tuesday (if you are in a custody battle)(that same judge does not want to hear your reasons or excuses, by the way).

And the one promise this former lawyer can guarantee you?  You could end up giving your attorney every cent you have in your name, plus all the savings and retirement you have, while you fight with your ex.

Sound fair?

That my friends is our legal system, and there is nothing just about it - not one bit.  It is something they never will teach you in law school, and I learned this the hard way.  And it is one of the many things I do not miss about practicing law.

Be sure to let me know your thoughts and if you had any experiences with our court system in the comments!


  1. That would be tough. The legal system can sometimes irk me so I understand why you decided to stop practicing law.

    1. Yes it just sucked! Thanks for reading! :)


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