January 20, 2015

My Worst Hair Experience Ever: That Time Ulta Salon Almost Ruined My Hair

Sunday night, I bleached my blonde hair.  Yes, I do it myself.  It's regular ritual; every six weeks, I touch up my roots, tone, rinse and trim my hair.  After spending a long time studying blogs and YouTube videos, along with a little trial and error of products from Sally's Beauty Supply, I figured out how to make my hair the surfer blonde color I wanted.  And I must say, it looks quite pretty.

But not too terribly long ago, I went to salons to have my hair professionally colored.  Out of all my salon experiences in my life, including everything from highlights to hair trims, I have way more bad ones than good ones.   Let me give you a few scenarios of hair-y situations I've been in:

Me:  I just want a trim.

Hairstylist:  How many inches, 2?

Me:  A trim.

Hairstylist:  Ah ok.

(Clip, clip, CLIP)

Me:  That looks like a lot of hair you've cut off.   I just wanted a trim.

Hairstylist:  It looks great.  Don't worry!

Me walking out of the salon:

January 5, 2015

Why I Quit Practicing Law 3: There's Nothing Just About Justice

This may be one of my more serious posts because it is one of great importance.  It involves our legal system, or the demise thereof.  You see, my fellow Americans, the justice system is one big huge joke.  One of my many reasons for quitting the law practice is my absolute disgust with the legal system.  If you think you are going to see "your day in your court," you are sadly wrong.  There is nothing just about the United States justice system.  If anything, with a legal system filled with corrupt judges, attorneys, district attorneys and cops, we are one foot in the door of a DC Comics world, where vigilantes will one day rule the night to finally end crime once and for all.