December 4, 2016

That Night We Starred In Tex Mex-Machina, Or Donna The Evil Robot Waitress

Ah yes, I have been extremely absent in the blogging world. Alas, we are in the process of making the move to Boston and it has been a wee bit stressful and dramatic. Of course, a life changing event with me has to involve some soap-operatic type drama.

I know, I KNOW. But for real though, I am the drama QUEEN.

But truly, I digress.

November 10, 2016

Pug Posts: Happy Veteran's Day 2016

Happy Veteran's Day To Our Daddy!

We love you!

BabyBelle and I also want to wish a Happy Veteran's Day to all the brave men and women who have served our great country.

Lots of pug hugs,

November 9, 2016

Currently Giving Me All The Marvel Feels (Winter 2016)

It is that time again. 

You know, the time in which I completely geek out and my heart gets to fluttering about all things:

Le Sigh. #nerd4life

Here is what is Currently Giving Me All The Marvel Feels (Winter 2016).

October 27, 2016 In My Hood

As you all know by now, Military Husband, #MaddiethePug, BabyBelle Pug and I are moving to Boston. Recently, I had a conversation with my friend Julie at Jewels Wandering that went like so:

Mili Wifey: So yeah, I am going to know NO ONE in Boston. I mean, aside from Military Husband. But, BUT, no one else. It is just ME. Ridin' solo, ridin' solo, as Jason Derulo sings.

Julie: You should check out when you are in Boston!

Mili Wifey: Right. I think I have heard of that before. We do not have that here in my city. This is Ratchetopia. Hoodrat Central.

No meetups here except meet up at the corner for hos and dime bags.

They start em young here in Ratchet City.

October 23, 2016

Mili Wifey & Husband (Guest Post) : Top 5 Fictional Villains We Sympathize With

A few months ago, my blogging friend Caitlyn wrote a post titled 20 Random Questions. One of these questions was "What villain do you really feel for?"and she answered with Cal from Titanic. As I was reading this, I thought this question would make an incredible blog post and I immediately asked Military Husband if he would participate.

Many hugs to Caitlyn for the idea. You should all follow Caitlyn at:

She lives in San Francisco and is obsessed with her dog and her husband. I adore her and you will too. Thanks again dollface.

Anyhoo, really though, who does not love a good villain? And there are some you just plan feel sorry for overall. Being that it is Halloween season, a post devoted to a few of our favorite villains seems fitting.

October 18, 2016

Mili Wifey's Ratchet Life Lately

I thought I would do one of those "Currently" or "Life Lately" posts. Normally, I find them as dull as a marathon of Two Broke Girls. As an aside, how the hell is this show still on television? Cancel this show! It is shit on a shingle, legit. You wanna tell me Agent Carter was cancelled, but we still are gonna air Two Broke Girls


But truly, I digress.

Anyhoo, even though these "Life Updates Of A Blogger" are kind of lame and narcissistic, surely I could spice it up a bit for your enjoyment. After all, I am not exactly normal.

Or full of couth and tact. Pretty much, it is like:

Every single time I arrive.